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I didn’t write the reintroduction part. Someone else did it and I had to follow it otherwise it would be contrasted with what was already made months ago.
One, you have a good point, but it doesn’t always work that way in Pokemon world unless we add 100% realism into it. Two, tried it in real life with a ball, the rubber didn’t snap. (Maybe I’m just burnt out. All the negative stuff caused me to work harder than usual and without thinking sometimes)
This Flare is technically “36” years old
Rock hit his back, not head. Why does everyone think it hit his head?
Cuz it’s a rubber and the rock didn’t hit it
Yup, it will be focused more on Sunshine the Eevee
Been getting negative motivation
This week is going to be a comic marathon. By that I mean there will be a new page everyday from Monday until Sunday, but for this week only. The schedule will go back to normal by Monday next week. Thank you.
I'm not good at teaching
That was my co-author, not me. Anyways, if you've seen the past comment section, you would know how bad it was