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Hi! I'm XRed-moon. I make comics and sometimes other things. Feel free to look around my gallery!
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That was enjoyable the whole way through! Lovely job! <3
Pip and Starbust!
my oshawott, fennekin duo make their debut!
still love the coloring of this page oml.
B-B-B-Buddy? You okay my dude? ;A;
@WiispNightmare: poor scout. they deserve better than that X'D
What ever will Scout do once they evolve into Hydreigon? How will they handle a third head? :0

Though that's pretty cool lore about the dragons! I really like that idea uwu
Look at the babs! I love each and every one of them <3 All valid.
roll credits
he said the thing
god i missed this comic!! <3
i want whatever volt is on.
Sequential Final
This is the cover and comic for my Intro to Sequential final for my freshman year of college.
oh noes! what happened to lu ;A;
o h g o d o h m a n o h g o d o h m a n
I'm always in awe of your backgrounds and choice of color. It's so cute that Nick talks to his dead mom ;w;;

Also Reece. You're such a mood.
jeez. the feels have been ripped out of me.
honestly should have expected it but mmmmmmmmm.
@Pinkeevee222: lol! hopefully he'll find some time to shine sooner or later! i'm glad you like him ^^
Name: Scout Lin Sherman
Eevee Number: 88
Grades: Somewhere in Elementary School
Paragraph: Scout is always too busy to play with the other kids, because he's always looking for lost things. He's highly curious and will always look forward to an investigation and challenge. He keeps a magnifying glass on him at all time and carries a satchel to keep all his detective things with him. Probably reads too much detective manga and stories.
honestly, the idiot had it coming.
this is why you follow orders. if not. you get yourself killed xD
@Kaguaririe: The eyelashes seem to be the case, I can't find anything else that it could be.
@MrCircusPapa: Huh, interesting experiment. That's good to know though.