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Also known as Desertfyre as well.

It's been almost 8 years since I've login here. Zombie Masters is officially tossed aside. (I honestly forgot about it.)

But I do have a new comic coming that I plan to finish. With ZM I didn't have the entire story planned out but with the new comic I do.

My art/writing blog that I will upload things about my future comic as well:
Moved to Tapastic
Moved to Tapastic under my alias Desertfyre.

Can view the rest of the comic here:
December 5th, 2015
To see the Cover in greater detail view here:

So thanks for taking the time to click here!

Right now I have the cover up. The comic pages should be coming soon. I don't have a set schedule to uploading but I plan to do it in a reasonable time-frame.

If anyone remembers me from my Zombie Masters days, I will try not to leave anyone hanging. That story was trial and error and frankly I didn't even really have much of a story to begin with.

This story, Shadopla is all planned out and it's a short story with 5(at the moment) chapters. So my goal is to finish this. I've done planning and whatnot so hopefully I will not make the same mistakes as I did with Zombie Masters.

So without any further ado, please enjoy!
Say what? I'm with the trio looking shocked.
If only he hadn't cracked up....they might have brought it. lol
The last panel cracks me up!! All that over some cards. =D
lol, Jack's scaring me.
Helllo!! This is a hot illustration! Love it!
I can't believe he just ruined the moment like that! -__-' lol Serves him right. lol
Thanks for all the comments, some_unknown_dude!! *hugs* ^_^ I'm glad you liked it!

I wish they had a reply button like on Deviantart. Makes life easier.
*evil laugh*

So Tyler and Meena are both dead. Interesting. Please don't hate Tyler....pity him. He obviously didn't know what the world he was doing.

Poor Tyler....poor Meena!!

Stay tuned for Chapter 3 towards the end of the year hopefully. More characters, and hopefully some answers.
If you don't get what happened in the last couple pages....that might prove that you are a bit too young to be here....

sorry.... -_-'
Poor Tyler!! He doesn't remember a thing! What is going on?
0_o Talk about your multiple personalities....

Meena is dead....poor girl...
Alright, what's up now? What's with the clueless look?
Ahh, he caught up to her!! She trying to get away....

Poor Meena, having a psycho boyfriend she obviously didn't realize she had!
*sings* It's raining, it's pouring...the old man is snoring...went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning....

Sorry, random moment. Back to the story...
At least Meena's got sense enough to try to escape...
What the world indeed?

Btw, from this page on, I was stuck on how to draw them. At my current skill level there are some things I can't draw very well so I had to improvise. So it may not be excatly correct but I tried and truth be told, the improvision didn't come out as bad as I thought it would. ^_^
I'd be flat out scared by now.