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I'm a girl who enjoys manga to the fullest. I'm also a cosplayer and artist. I'm a college student from Oklahoma and I'm 20. Hope we can become good friends.
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I love these gaybies
Love the gaybies so much
Omg I'm so happy
@Travelingpooch same dont like her at all.
We love you and can't wait for the updates. Take as much time as you need we will wait as long as it takes.
That's right Ryland stand up for yourself!!!
Ryland I will fight him for you! You don't have to take his crap!
@treecabbage its ok maybe next year
Same, I hope the dad doesn't do anything.
Kiwilergic I just love this comic, you are awesome!!!
I love these gaybies, I hope y'all can make it to Tokyo in Tulsa in a few weeks.
Snuggle Butt Honey Bear, lol that's my new pet name for my girl
Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? 😍😍
Love the little devil 😈😈
I'm so glad it's back. I missed this comic.
It's so distorted
When everyone else is relieved that it was a dream and I'm over here like "Where the fuck did the blowup doll come from?"
Oh lord
I hope everything goes well. I also hope that Kylee doesn't get super injured from this fire. We need Kimrick to save him.
His face changed so fast