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Nah, I love the Espeon too. She's cool. Too bad she's a villain.
Dang it! I wish your trial could be longer. Oh well, at least we all got to see a part of an awesome video!
Wow...Oh wow...I don't know why but I'm just so moved by the whole video and the fact that Lynxheart and Coalblaze are so close. I kind of wish that my sister and I were like that.
I'm going to imagine this in real life:
Glinting in the darkness, the pair of ghostly eyes glided towards you. Slowly. Glowing slightly brighter on every step the unknown creature took. You wanted to let out a scream, but your throat wouldn't let you make a single noise except a strangled croak. Then, suddenly... your kitten jumped on you and licked your face.

Random story I came up with inspired by the awesome glow of Coalblaze's eyes.
That is the most complicated thing that I have seen...Wow...You are amazing.
@Enderstar: XD
Here we go, KoKo, here we go. Just please don't crash into anything!
Wow, I just finished reading the "latest" page, and then you updated! The comic is as awesome as ever, keep it up!
Jocelene!?? My name?! (Not the correct spelling but it's pronounced the same way) Ooooh, I'm interested! (The character seems to mirror my personality)
No comic? Awww! Oh well! Have an awesome time at camp!
How do you...draw this so magnificently...
Ahahahaha Tigerstar with floral patterns hahahaha
That other Sylveon looks so cool! Shiny Sylveon No.2 has risen!
@WildfireK: Imagine if the real Tigerstar was here...he'd...he'd...I don't want to think about it. Since he's not here....AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
@WildfireK: HAHAHAHA Tigerstar has floral patterns! (I'm laughing like crazy right now)
@WildfireK: Brambleclaw's gonna win...he's gonna win
I think this is one the funniest things I've ever seen...HAHAHAHA!
This is really original, too.