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Hi... I'm back... it's spring break and time to make pages

so here are a couple for you

Just Selaina running her mouth as usual :/

There are only three panels... I don't understand

But yeah... I really like this one
Anybody that thought this scene was going somewhere dirty... haha

Guess what she said could be considered fowl language... better safe than sorry

Sorry... school started for me in August and I just finished my second quarter and am quite excited to post more pages now that I have three weeks of free time :)
... NEW PAGE!!!...
Introducing "Bartlebe" the biggest ass-hole you'll ever meet

lookit... new character... oops... can't see him completely yet... you'll just have to wait till the next page

I personally love Selaina's expression on the bottom left corner... so annoyed

took one day to do this page... not bad eh?
lol I fail at landscapes... forgive me
One of three new pages that I'm giving you

Chapter 3 begins

This will be the longest chapter so far (how so you ask... this is page 65... so far I've story boarded up to page 96 and more to come and this is all chapter 3 O.O) and lots of crazy things happen in this one

thank you for your patience
This is an Extra Page... one of several that I'll have that will fill readers in on certain things that need explaining

This one has Taiko talking about Phoenix n such

The last panel is definitely my favorite
eh... where did she go?

and what is she up too?

finished this page literally ten minutes ago... had to post it and the previous page... I figured you waited long enough
Jeez what a bitch

Not much going on in this page other then Selaina talking too much and Phoenix in pain

Had to manipulate this one a bunch... it looked funny to me while i was in the middle of coloring it

Anyway... poor Phoenix
so pretty

Oh no she didn't

Love the eye closeups myself... I love coloring eyes ^^

Not sure the cursing is really considered mature but I would rather not get in trouble
Surprised I could do this one... doctor's appointments, dental appointments... lots of fun

I'm apparently Vitamin D deficient... big surprise I work a night shift

I also got the last two wisdom teeth removed... and I'm still in pain :(

The page... kind of a boring one but still an important read... I think Phoenix is getting very annoyed with Selaina what do you think?

I want to post this page on my Deviant Art but the site hasn't been working right lately... loads too slow
So here's the newest page ^^

You start to get Selaina a bit more and that is... she talks way too much about useless information

Meanwhile Phoenix is in an awkward position as he is weaponless, bleeding, and totally being hit on by a purple chick who drinks blood

My first suggestion is to eat her face... but that would simply be vulgar so we'll just see how this plays out without the feasting of face
Lookit... a new page... and she ditches the stupid cloak
yeah pretty much

Sorry for the FOREVER I just became so caught up in random crap but it would appear that it's all starting to calm down ^.^

Am drawing the lines for the next pages so there are no delays this time... you should be seeing new pages soon

or I'll throw myself off a cliff