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is it something special about them or is it something that happens to some one who is in this part of the woods
@Sylveon: I meant the googels
Dosent we see them be for in like chapter 4
or it could be mew desighst as a ditto
@UnknownFlareon: 3 glaceons 2 umprion in the main story not including espions family
parent sistuason
ok joltion flarion and vaporeon dad died befor they hatched with anuther random eveloution son ther mums alive maby lefyeon and glaceon did is alive but onts to kill them but ther mum die somehow espion is like got both and now silveon has a dos but ither ther mum left or is dead
@:ok_hand:: naw it a think some caseres ware on work its just uncomon
ok ither everyone is an high leval or somehow highdrigon got a lot of exp and levals unles hes like 50
I'm acsully surprised you don't have a character tab
ok the first few comments are a lot diffrent after reading the page
I think its a test to see if he just fall in love with her because of her abilety
@Guest: I think it s switchy blade I think she is going to cut the lose
and I hope he's not fighting right now
if I'm not mistcing thay are at lest 15 at this point or maby 17 I'm not shur but I think all the present stores are 19 so this one chuld be close to present
id think id be worred about your kids and you wife or girfrend
so we still have at lest 2 specals at the least left with glaceon and lefeon then silveon or other way round
it makes sens she eveoled there espions evolve from high happiness and during the day and talking to her cusin made her happy and it must have been day
omg that's it as well did they actually like cut a lime off of a pokemon dark