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ok that's a boy eevee so umm umbreon or maby silveon brouther or glaceouns brouther you know the past one wen joulteon became pasuly infected
ok ok histery
is this like if we but this time period to humans this whode be the industrial reviluton
he dosent want to
flar is going to cry and maby burn his plants and cry
she probily dosent have all here memerys yousuly most comics have them have the last hour then nuthing
the fire in here eyes are briliant
why dose this look like a sene from fairytale
omg the first panel is a refrance to chapter 3 when we came hear
omg i love this comic i just started reding it ind im fineshed cant whate for updadtes
seen your new youtube video
dude it was like a alnighter dont ask
rip speedy hea about to befond hes a giled worker
cue dark souls battle on hard mode no revives one life chalang
what isent fost part whater type
can you just callher vaporeon
or mvaporeon wen thith outhers
dubel uplode suprising so close to each outher I thought I was going to be anouther half a mounth
RANBOWS COLORS no more sad black and wight
pew pew
get in the fucking bag neby
omg is this a speed run if it isent it has the pokemon from the first game most speedrunners use i just notist that