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@Ethan: special chapter 1-page 3
@Guest: sorry it was like 2 am
@pixlblox9099 the Jolteon: he a guest to
ok so what we know right now is black (with frost as a brother
and the on in the main squade) is angry at speedy for what I presume is an thin about lying to him for years bout being alan so I'm gessing that he fout abot about that from"everything he said about you proves that you're speedy." it might be because he now this person as alan it the beginning (and I'm going to stop now)
@Truefan108: dose he now alan is speed and joultyon
@pixlblox9099 the Jolteon but how do you ship your self with him it lirully makes no sens in the story
we need to come up with a sort verson of silva x speedy and glaceon x speedy
@Piku Protealer: i modtily see it as silvieon x joultyon as it just a past relaton ship with some lasting felings but joultion x glaceon as more a close frends reason ship the now
@Eevee power: google translate Uff someone who speaks Spanish, few times I find someone who speaks Spanish around here and breno deas
is this going to be bad an turn him into a tree or is it going to give him a power bosst and give him grass attacks
is it something special about them or is it something that happens to some one who is in this part of the woods
@Sylveon: I meant the googels
Dosent we see them be for in like chapter 4
or it could be mew desighst as a ditto
@UnknownFlareon: 3 glaceons 2 umprion in the main story not including espions family
parent sistuason
ok joltion flarion and vaporeon dad died befor they hatched with anuther random eveloution son ther mums alive maby lefyeon and glaceon did is alive but onts to kill them but ther mum die somehow espion is like got both and now silveon has a dos but ither ther mum left or is dead
@:ok_hand:: naw it a think some caseres ware on work its just uncomon