just a random guy who likes comics
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like pokemon uprising or eeveelouton sqaud
umm why is ther no colore
omg you need to have a comic with thse
what i thought thoshe thing were horns not ears
i ment can you draw one of a page like this
@Vanilla_Bean: pls
how this
@Vanilla_Bean: helps with the Spanish stuff
translason a gen
@Neolancer: I thought that was a new comic
@WildfireK: Heh! Not compredes Spanish? You have to talk to Shad, speaks it
wow all i can think of with this is a side story were
the two uneverses meat and max gets a crush on this guy
is the ship going to blow up and leon and
vagus are going to land on elysium
scout looks like
@Vanilla_Bean: he has a hippy face in the firs pannel
you mad this one for littel misefoxy and
@Vanilla_Bean: i woud like to se one like this to plz
ooo can you do one for me
@Vanilla_Bean: ples
i bet you did this in class
@Vanilla_Bean: dident you
scout is like becoming more a like a litel kid
omg MAX=grumy andlout teen
faust like 18 plus annoying brouther
scout=little kid but cute