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The contest on my dA? It's for Team Emerald mostly.
Um? Banner contest? I don't remember that.
Is that list a list of comics already reviewed or ones to be reviewed?
I have opened author applications in my other comic, Kirby Kamp.

Please go there for further instructions.

Also, I'm thinking about pausing this comic for awhile because I'm currently revising my fanfiction. You can read it on
will there be cookies?

My latest comic has that title too... >.>
One of those slow days...He landed on thin air BTW.
*cricket chirp*
Jumps up and down all the time. Now it's 44 again...;_;
I wonder who that could've been?
Yay, comic party is over. Hopefully I can get back to updating daily.

I'll try to stay on course with the Sonic crew.
May 15th, 2009
Great camera angles.
Well here it is, I know this is comic 154 it'll be ok. Sorry if I didn't put you on.

I know the stuff in the last panel is a bit unprofessional but all well.
I want 61 fans... All well 47 is good
My inbox was filled with invitations to RITM. I'm not worried.
Man this is cool. This is the design I wanted Team Emerald to be in.
To crescent night: It's not really a contest, my rivals Orange and Purple fake out people by making them think their going to set some sorta record and win a prize. It's actually all just for their fun.
Yeah I put Warr in it. It's the least I could do for what's she's been doing for me.

BTW, when Orange and Purple are in control of the comic, they have Author powers. One of these powers is telekinesis. Thus how MM9 is forced into this situation.