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I love that idea, so sweet!
So far, I really love this!
It's wayyyyyyyy too late but I wanted to let you know I raised both hands up in the air and shook em like I just didn't care. Also, that eye is the last panel is phenomenal. Much shine.
Careful, that's gon be hot.

Eamus's face just has "The fuk you doing dingus?" Written all over it and I appreciate that.
You know what Francis? You can fuck right off to your boyfriend. Whose ass is gay now?

MY GOD. I have spent the last couple of days catching up and lemme just say . . . HOLY SHIT. I love this so much!! Beautiful work. My brain has almost burst so many times but that's ok.
Oh my god! I'm filled with conspiracies to the brim! I also can never explain anything without saying the word 'magic' at least once.
Odette is such a big mood on this page!
Tru tru.
I love the way Eamus is sitting in that chair! Reminds me a bit of L from Death Note.
Totally true! That's why I'm always slouchin to the side or completely upside down!
Ah! I can't believe I almost forgot how much I love this! June's face in the second panel is beautiful! And that hand next to the file!
That hair is beautiful! And so is this page. Much aggression!
I have a question for you. What's with Eamus's eyes? Are they just gray?

Powerhouse! Whoo! Crank out those pages. I believe in you! (No pressure tho. Go at your own pace.)
Nosy do as nosy does.
He looks rather comfy on that desk! Kinda . . . That's a big mood though.
Non-hurtful gossip is hard to come by, sorry to say I can't think of any! Mind givin me some tips?
Of course! You're super welcome! I'm just glad I could help out a little.
Something goin on with that eye, is there??
Does the third chick in the third panel and the first guy in the fourth look like Li, or am I just insane?
"Yup. Murdered that guy real good." I love this line! That cop dood looks so over it too. June as well.
I love June's faces! Especially in the second panel. That's a real "my feathers are really ruffled" look right there. Gosh.
One thing my lovely author, I'm pretty sure there's a typo panel one in Odette's speech bubble. Trial instead of trail. I didn't even notice it at first.
Convict huh? I like this guy more now . . .
Hek ya! Give him that verbal one two! Show Mr. Po-po who's really boss.
I always love seeing how others imagine worlds with "mutants" would be. I always love stories like these.
It looks like he said that with such distain! How rude.
I might not be very short, but I definitely know how to use a book as a shield! Sometimes you just gotta throw it though . . .
That's one heck of an entrance! Quite the face this boi had on. And Odette's smile! It's so nervously sweet.
So excited to see what's in store for chapter two!
I love him already!! And those tattoos! Beautiful!
You take that break. Breaks are good, y'know? Plus, it doesn't hurt to build up a buffer.
Good luck on cathing up on that school work. (I always hate make up work so much. Luckly I don't get sick enough to stay behind.) Hopefully you stay well enough to not fall behind any more!
Pshhh, stap that. Gunna make me blush.
You're the one doing great man, you keep it up!
That's just too real man . . .
Oof, son. Those eye bags are terrifyingly dark. They look real heavy. Can relate tho.
I like this guys eyes.
The blurbs flying past are me *-*