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I'm really sorry @Pinkeevee222, but this has to be done.

@Creamy Eevee:
I don't want to know why you called Vay your baby. You seem to be very.
Interested in this topic.

*CLAP* Bada badaaada. *CLAP* bada badaaaadaadada. Badadadaaaada. Badadada.

Happy birthday to you,
You're a hundred and two.
You still go to...


Sorry, my inner Demon is coming out.

Happy Birthday ^w^
That's all I can say.
Wow! Vay stands up!
Aaaaaand now we know.
@Ssec biggest fan: No.
4th (WOOwww NOboDY CAAArees)

Yes, I did copy-n-paste the same thing from last comic except replaced '2nd' with '4th' :I

@Ssec biggest fan: No, but I am a pretty big fan of Warriors.
2nd (WOOwww NOboDY CAAArees)

What I can say to this:

"our children."
Wait a minute...
@Pinkeevee222: Try not to knock yourself out.
@Pinkeevee222: This strangely reminds me of depression, ya know? Kinda… sad... isn't it...

...Reflects... my own... status...
@peachbeach: WOOOoow Ain't you SPECIAL!!!
@Pinkeevee222: Hoo boy. (Basically, if you don't have the discord, you still have to get evrything right based on what you know -_-)