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@FinleyTheVaporeon: Boi. Have you seen the flashbacks before and his conversations with his mother? HIS EYES ARE VIRTUAL SPEARS!!!
@SkyBlueEevee: *Flashes back to that one comic called "Leaving many questions unanswered" or something like that*
Whenever my friends have a heated argument and then they ask me for the final decision:

*Grabs juice pack*

...I see that the colors of window per each floor corresponds to the color of the group. But, on the IceDrop floor, there's this one room that happens to have intense shades on it.

Vay's room maybe?

@Pinkeevee222 ANSWER ME NOW.
@Theshinybella : As I already said, NO.
@Theshinybella : Haha!


I'm just going to talk for Mari right now, even though she might disagree with me.

Bolt is most likely NEVER going to get a crush soon, because he's already having trouble talking to just ANY girl.

Also, I'm pretty sure that Bolt has some different roles in the story that can't just be randomly thrown in.

Along with that, a shiny Umbreon? Female? That's an astronomical chance! In order to get into the story, the trainer has to catch the Pokémon (as the story mainly takes place inside the PC). A wild Umbreon is very VERY rare, a female eeveelution is 1/8 chance. That's already a low rate, multiply that with the chance of a SHINY. If she were to evolve "Bella" from a shiny Eevee to an Umbreon, that would take the trainer to travel with "Bella" and level her up, then evolving her during the night. Imagine the time and resources used up, and that's just to evolve! Simply take out the chance of finding a wild Umbreon and THAT'S your rate of chance of finding a shiny female Eevee.

That's it, Bolt will most definitely NOT get a girlfriend of Bella. FINAL.

(Sorry, I like crushing people's dreams. Also, if Pinkeevee222 (I'M LOOKING AT YOU MARI) does implement that type of lore into the comic, I'm going to flip my kitchen table.)
@Ya, no: Hey, think about this.

Relate to the times where Blizz's eyes go green. I remember one time a long while ago that he smashed through a WALL with his fist.

Guess what? That eevee in the most bottom panel also has glowy eyes. What I can relate is that this type of paranormal activity is caused by an emotion: RAGE.

Shane is obviously made mad after the lightning-bolt eevee (Volt, was it?) had made an indirect threat to Shane's buddy Leafy-Boi.

Sooooo in conclusion, I believe that Volt is going to try and attack Leafy-Boi as his "gang" would pin Shane down. However, his rage will overpower them and he'll beat the heck out of all of them.
Much more anime-like on angel side, not being a coward.
Yes indeed.
@Kuindi89: In comic 115, there is a Jolteon with blue-edged spiky fur and has green eyes. Most likely a prankster, unlike Bolt.
Dating Advice?
From the title page, I can infer that it has something to do with the couple of Dawn and Skull.
Gotta love the spelling. "FITE ME." ._.
*Claps Slowly*
@Pinkeevee222: Don't touch Flame's porn! (Unless he threw it into the recycling bin/trash can/on the ground cuz he's a litterer :I)
@Pinkeevee222: Current leader is now Bramblestar, the son of the evil Tigerstar and Goldenflower, a dead cat.
@Firestar: "meow." Warriors I presume?
@Creek the Vaporeon: Before, Dusk wanted to mate with this eeveelution named "Sky," but there's a high chance that Dusk is not ga-- homosexual, so Night would MOST LIKELY be female like Sky (unless that important variable was the gender :I) But this may explain why Night blushed when Dusk asked him (her?) if he could sleep with Night. (S)He could've been programmed to be a girl on the inside, but accidently be a male on the outside (if that important variable was the gender).

(I know, this is my longest message :I)
Virus Decoded:


Join the dark side Dusk...

....So Sad...
Dusk stays on the roof, just because he unintentionally leaks poison...
Dusk must feel lonely...





ERROR 101: Hackin...




J01|\| t|-|3 |)@r|< 5|d3 |)u5|<...


*Virus Terminated!*