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Watashi wa Michirure Desu. d(^o^)b
I really lyk drawin manga xDD and i'm a big fan of japan O/////O !!
i only speak a bit japanese but not much and i'm mixed ^^ yess half african half danish xD lol and my hobbies offcourse is drawing :-P
and maybee.... PLAYING ON THE Wii!!!! lool
best platform EVA *O*!
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i like how relaxed this is : )
the first panel with her face going from side to side looks only weird because the fast lines are so straight, you need to give them a curve.
remember your 'comas'/','
Wow page 530 : OO You Go Girl! x D and i just looovveee where the story is taking us, can't wait for more!
aow how tragic D': such a good chapter, and their expression's just get better and better. really really well done, i love it!
yay <3
This is by far my most LOVED page in my comic, took a while and made me get a cold, but it was worth it!

Hmmm... that 'reply to comments on the newest page' thing is really handy 8D
thanks for surporting my comic even though im shit at updating! i love you ALL hope you all love me too <33

EmmaMort: Thanks for your comment :D,

3o-s-Knight: tihi im glad you think so but i litterally hate page7 soo much! i want to change it so badd T_T
awel i'll have to live with it's uglyness <.< Urgg,

3eoclock: Aw thanks! <3 i really appreciate the support,

Theorah:haha yes ofcourse! i only update when i feel in the mood, cause then i dont haste or make it feel like something i have to rush ^^ that way i also get a good atmosphere in the comic :D but im really happy you want to see more haha, and thank you soo much for the sweet praise! helps my confident boost up !
Awwwww happy new year to u 22 :DDDD Love your work and Love uu ! xDDD <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3< ;3<3<3<3<3
Talk to you in the next year :DDD!
shit she came back :O whats going to happen x((( I WANNA KNOW ARG XDD love u, my boring day just became good !
Wauw i adore this page, especially the way you put it up, and OH GOSH his expressions again, im definitely inlove xD!
hahahahahahahaha omg i just love this!, his expressions the reaction everything was so unpredictable, My god im loving this! xD
ahahahahaha he couldn't hold it in any longer huh xD SO CUTE!
AWWW omg! Clifford AWW such a cute name ! Yay the book guy finally got a name xD hehehehe
btw i totally, utterly, extreemly love his face expressions x)))))!!!!! and the colouring really gives alot to the story :)) <3
hahahahahaha xDD awwww so cute, yay finally we get a clearer picture of the book man :)) he's so adorable !
Wauwww so pretttyyy :33333!
very amazing i bet ur totally inlove by now haha :DDD it's always nice getting fanarts :)) just shows how much other people lovs ur comic <3<3<3<3
This is by far one of my favourite pages! you can just see the way they are really connecting, just just randomly talking together, it's so cute! also the colours are wonderful, makes me feel so happy right now :)))) hope you had a wonmderful christmas btw! <3<3<3<3
aww i luv u soo much (:-)!! thx for advertising my comic xDD ads of hugsss!
and i love this page! i falling inlove with the book guy! <3<3<3<3<3<3

sorry for late reply once again xD
Awwwwww soo cute, i just adore the bookie guy cause he's adorable and gorgeouse and ARG can't she just fall for him xD he's perfect for her :DDDD
as always love your pages, I get soo excited everytime i read anything new or come by different scenes xD Arg anyways, i really as always love your colouring, som lively and soft :) keep the good work up!
buhu pineapple toothbrush :(
Awww it really hit's me to see him so sad :(( its soo touchy <:3 and seems like what jigsaw said was true :O danm i love this page so much! wanna see what comes next xD
Aww thx xD *3* stop it u'll make me blush haha
no seriousely i love your style and it's a great comic, one of my favourite on smackjeeves cause it's so original and the characters are just ADorable, totally wonderful!, they always make me get into such a good mood when i see them in action, and it's so unpredictable :O so human, i really really want to be able to get my own characters to stand out as much as your's do.
Also i'm really sorry im replying this late but the thing is i didn't notice that you wrote to your fans through the comic pages so i thought you had forgotten me :((( awel im happy now yay ^^ you replied to me :D im happy happy today xD