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Ace Valkyre Wolfe
Life is short, but that's what makes it beautiful.
I'm just a silly lil' pupper who has big dreams and a paper and a pencil.
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    Ace Valkyre Wolfe
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Um, so you're wondering where the comics went?
See, to make this blunt, I don't have anymore paper.
So, no paper means no comics...for a while.
Hang in there, I'll get some soon!
No, no he wasn't.
You two are munsters.
*spits hairball

Nailed it!
Dude you gotta be more specific XD.
*Spits hot milk* *cough cough* No.
This is the problem with posting three pages in one go. XD
I'm trying to track your last comment but you keep teleporting to another page.
Joce? Yeah, they do tend to do stuff like that.
Mean fella.
"But you were the one who wasn't watching where they were going!" Quote, Elf, Page 14
Nearly. Almost there.
@WildfireK: which part?
As in? Elf or the other dude?
Elf is tipped over easily. He's a clumsy thing.
Also, can anyone guess on how to pronounce Jocelene's name?
And don't worry. Elf is used to being flicked by the Lychari.
There's only so much one can take.
<Protagonists Introduced!> more drawing Akira.
So, I haven't updated in like, a hundred years. Sorry...I'm going to post all of the pages that I missed. Maybe this is the future of this comic haha! Missing every single update in the week them posting them all at the end of the week.
Anyway, are you wondering why everything looks wonky and off?
No? I'm gonna tell you anyways. So basically, the scanner is acting up again. It's cutting off part of the comic, and that's a problem. Someone suggested I should draw the comic on a bigger canvas and crop it later, so that's what I did. I drew the comic in the middle of a bigger canvas, leaving plenty of empty spaces. So, as you've guessed, I'm horrible at proportions, especially when it comes to straight lines. So until I get the hang of it, wonky panels are what you get.