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The 3 H's Homestuck, Hamilton and Heathers!
Matesprite: not on here but I'm trying to get him on
Moirial: Again he isn't on here but trying to
Kismeses: N/A
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That's cute
Damn indigo
Awwwwwwwwww indigooooooo nuuu
Love him back to health
2nd comment: in the last panel it looks like he is REALLY considering it
I'm from rainbow land........I'm so tired and I'm so sorry
She.........I love her
Thank the lord, thank Irene and her kindness!!! Let us see her use it on him!!!
It's page 666 we are going to hell
Yes.... Purrfect
When bae asks you out
Purple to the rescue
Wow super drunk
To much wine
He touched the but
I would've stared at it have a serious debate on whether or not I should wear it. This would go on for an hour
Dylan! Your so sweet ima die from a sugar overload

He must've sat on a pile of sugar