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I am an amatuar comic artist, big fan of anime, my favorite one is Dragonball, Dragonball Z, etc. What made me want to post my own manga was seeing others, and spurring me to post so that the internet could enjoy more comics
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@artofjoe: Thanks a ton!! I'm so happy that you're enjoying it, and hopefully you continue to. I've got big plans for the story so stay tuned!! And thank so much, I've worked with my art style for a while, I'm happy you like it
@artofjoe: My all-time favorite anime right there. Dragonball is one of my main influences when it comes to drawing and comics. I don't know if you noticed, but you can kind of see Dragonball type style weaved throughout my style
@artofjoe: Lol, except for training
@artofjoe: Thanks!! I don't really feel like making them swear every five seconds is necessary you know, but like I said, thanks!!
@artofjoe: Any suggestions? I thought about the title a few times
@artofjoe: Lol, that could work
@artofjoe: Lol, sorry, there's a bit that goes into their powers
@artofjoe: Most definitely!!
@artofjoe: Thank you very much!!
@artofjoe: Lol that's a good idea
This is the full breakdown for Purple Energy!!
@Guest: Thanks!!