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Nickname is Tissa.
Currently 24 years old.

I like to draw, create stories and stuff. I'm still kind of a newbie in terms of digital art so my style is still not that good and changes constantly(very sorry about that).
You can also find me on:




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Google translator isn't being very helpful with this case. What rigged means? The call is being recorded? There is someone else listening or is it a bomb?
September 3rd, 2018
Taking out his frustrations on his apprentice? Cool! He is just like my dad! =D
August 27th, 2018
Poor Chie... With all this development so far(The conspiracy theories she just learnt from that reporter + the unfair treatment she is getting from Jon) I gotta a feeling she will indeed try to leave cypress, like running away or something and then they will try to hunt her down(and will send Jon to do that and he will be merciless, I don't wanna see it happening but boi would that be a interesting arc! (I hope I'm wrong thought))!
If you truly regret and recognise your errors, you can be redeemed.
August 21st, 2018
I really hope this is just a phone and not a bomb.
August 19th, 2018
woooosh they go!!! This comic is realy cool!
Teenagerhood is kind of glorified in series and movies as the most exciting and fun time of your life but it is actually mostly a waiting period until you get to actually live. That was true for me but seems to be especially hellish for her. Curse apart.
Well that escalated quickly
In a country were you can buy a ID and family name upon arrival(since I guess he is not from there) I guess you could be anyone you wanted.
August 13th, 2018
At least... He is a responsible boss? ;-;
She saw he has no butt!!!!

Just kidding, I noticed There is something like a tattoo in his right shoulder. Maybe that's what caught her attention? Now I'm curious about it too!
To increase your magic of course!
Nothing dirty happening here.
August 6th, 2018
Yeah he is right in this case. Chie isn't ready for all this action yet.
Aw so cute!
July 30th, 2018
Technically all of them are sick, good thing he backed off to cough blood on the floor instead of Chie! Wonder what this scene will evolve into now but I just hope Amber do not join the being mean with Chie wagon too, they were working well together as teammates so far considering their first two interactions.
@RumbleGhost: I have some sort of a short term memory.
Zellest Velt!
So that is his full name!!!! Well chosen reveal moment, you are a skilled writer!
July 23rd, 2018
Be strong Chie, be strong... I know one day you gonna prove yourself, just wait and keep giving your best! (I know the characters can't hear me but still)
She wasn't going to poke his good eye but open his third!