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Nickname is Tissa.
Currently 24 years old.

I like to draw, create stories and stuff. I'm still kind of a newbie in terms of digital art so my style is still not that good and changes constantly(very sorry about that).
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Her reaction to this obviously haunted scene!🤣
Geraldyne... (I hope I'm not mispronouncing her name, sorry if I did), I know you love tea but you really need to stop being mean to people with passion for different drinks than yours... I'm actually starting to think this is why you didn't had any friends before, you go off whenever people starting talking goods about any drink that is not tea...
I think he recognised that guy...
"Sandsa's Midday sun is nothing to laugh at"
"Without adequate protection you can get some serious burns"

So it is in Brazil! 🤣
(seriously thought, here its too hot!)
Cool concept!
The worldbuilding in this is just getting better and better!

And I also preffer when hotel rooms don't have air conditioning because it always makes me sneeze like heck!
They are sharing a room?
Well guess it is for saving money! (Also this maid is soooo cute!)
They got shipped by the person sitting behind!
Psychic hand shake!
This is probably not what she is doing but it would be kind of cool...
Nice scenarios!
Don't know if I alread commented it but the art on this comic is really awesome! Also i'm glad you are back! = D
February 13th, 2018
Is this purple smoke more bunny ghosts? I really hope its not...
Nice chapter cover you got there!
February 2nd, 2018
WAIT! Now I saw the moon on its back!!! Is it actually a The King of Fighters reference?????
February 2nd, 2018
Is Orochi some metal band i haven't heard of or he likes japanese mythology?
Zellest my boy...
You need to learn a thing called self preservation instinct.
January 28th, 2018
Theory: They want their buddy who is stuck in the umbrella. But how to get it out? I don't know! = D
I'm loving the art on this page! The last one is specially well drawn!!!!
Zellest you better not...
I think she is waaay beyound you level. Don't try to trick her...
I know right!Who doesn't know about it?
January 20th, 2018
Oh noh! Its that guy isn't it?