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If the ship sinks, blame the cannon.
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Dang Purple, you sassy boi
Oof that looks traumatic
Dark Overlord: Oh, I wasn't expecting company
This, this makes me very happy
@Dragon Poet: don't worry you're fine!
Daww they dont believe him
@Om Nom Nom despair
You can live with us Indigo, we'll take good care of you!
*whispers* nerrrrd
Nah i love you indigo, keep going my boi
Daww this is turning out very well
Cloud boiii
Nah, it's because someone said how wintraverse hasn't been brought up at at all
Oh yeah, wintraverse
Maybe it'll be relevant in the next arc..?
Omg burnt toast YOURE RIGHT
Indigo what are you doing
September 16th, 2017
Ooo, Shiloh has a cool new profile pic! I like it
that first panel legit made me face palm

i've never heard such a loud hand to head collision before