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[Insert witty joke here]
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December 21st, 2018
Awhh i really like this page
Obviously, Parker has the upper hand here with that kind of power
@notall2gether: ahh same here, just found this today
Hey that last panel looks pretty nice
Hope it makes up for missing 2-3 weeks of no updating lol
I'm working to improve the quality of the pages! They seem to be a bit blurry, and I don't know why :(
March 3rd, 2018
This comic is inspired by Magience, and my conversations with my dad! I'm really excited for this comic and really hope I can keep up with it. I'm hoping to post a page every week on Saturday.
I legit just realized that I used my "green friend" for the comic. Wh00ps totally meant to do that
Happy New Year!

I wanted to get one more page in before 2018, so uhh, I had to make some cuts on quality. But I did it!

(Also, 6 fans?? Where'd you guys come from?)
In my defense, anime is hard
The plot thiccens
Dang Purple, you sassy boi
Oof that looks traumatic
Dark Overlord: Oh, I wasn't expecting company
This, this makes me very happy
@Dragon Poet: don't worry you're fine!
Daww they dont believe him
@Om Nom Nom despair
You can live with us Indigo, we'll take good care of you!
*whispers* nerrrrd
Nah i love you indigo, keep going my boi
Daww this is turning out very well