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Baby in a Trenchcoat
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    Asriel Kolfinnsdottir
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When life gives you lemonade, make lemons, and life'llbe like, "WHAAAAAT?!"
He said he wanted a raccoon. I guess we know why now.
That small touch of blue in a grayscale comic is gorgeous. Well done author.
"If we die down here. Im gonna do this at the least."
I can only imagine thats what he was thinking.
*grabs a roll of news paper and starts smacking Dez on the head* Bad, Bad cartoon character.
@Eyrist: why is this so funny to me XD
I havent been feeling like myself lately. I WONDER WHY.
@ShadowThorn: do I sense a Supernatural reference? Bc thats what I say.... I say that all the time bc of that show.
3: (bc i cant remember the others)
Kylee: Ryan Ross (ik hes not an actor but. Look at himmmm)
Kim: Chris Hemsworth
Thats all i think of.
mY nAmE iS jEfF *enter Spongebob meme here*
It may not be a chicken. But it IS a beefcake hahahahahaha. . . .kill me
A smile that could cure cancerđź’•
Boing! Boing! Boing! Lil bunny rabbit hoppin'.
He has true archenemies kiss. He kisses you, you fall into a deep sleep.
Yes. Talk to the unconscious man. Cuz he can TOOOtally here you. >_<
wut? Just happened in the comments? I. . . I'm gonna go. . . Bean spookled.
He sold all his shirts to buy the cat.
@Arya: I feel free. I have never felt free at all. . . Thats what I meant. I have never been able to say I felt free. . .
If only bringing my girlfriend home was this easy.
Me:"Mum. This is Marya."
Me: *lifts string up*
Mum: "Chad! Come quick! Jessyka's gota girlfriend!"