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Blizz is not going to be happy when he wakes up
It probably tastes like rock chicken
The struggle of waiting
Metroid references and comic page. It's a good day
The patrat looks familiar
I wonder how many scarves she bought.
Time for her to suck up her pride and eat some questionable things
Happy belated birthday. Evangeline is going to drive them crazy with her endless chatter.
I pray that you survive
They might not be of help but Polka is determined to find her friend.
Wonder what she will do
I foresee disappointment in her life.
Well relaxation will have to wait.
That's happened to me way too many times.
This is your chance at redemption
The double pun
Don't mess this up like the fish.
So many scarves. If Keila ever wanted a change of pace she could open a scarf shop.
I don't think that will faze him.
She might get a nasty surprise if she does