I draw, tame birds and swim.
Though I prefer just sitting and thinking.
All my pass time is spent either reading or talking about the amazing Crayonqueen's comics!
You should check 'er out!
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I know you too.
@Prism: sup?!
Is it just me?
Or does the prez kinda look like a sock monkey in the first panel?
What did Pi do
To deserve to lose a perfectly good door?
Thank you!
And hello!
Snsjjssn IM LATE!
My tablet is being a butt. 😫
An early update!
I won't have any WiFi for the weekend, so I figured it'd be best to post Sundays update now instead of Monday.

Thanks, and bye!
Oh? Thank you!
Updates on Sundays!
It's 10:57 here now, night!
And thank you!
Welcome to Fusiontale!
This is my first comic, so sorry if it doesn't turn out good.
I pointed out the severed person to my friend last year, and she named them Fred.
Fred freaks Pi out.
I couldn't see this when you posted the link.
I see it now, and feel kinda late.
Ok so my Google just started responding
And wow, they were not kidding in the GloomverseFanClub, this is for real.
... Wow.
Can't wait to see the first page!