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I draw, tame birds and swim.
Though I prefer just sitting and thinking.
All my pass time is spent either reading or talking about the amazing Crayonqueen's comics!
You should check 'er out!
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All I can think of is the stars.
And how I don't have a phone.
Guide to Friendship

By: prez
For: Judge

•1/2 cup Water/milk
•2 eggs
•1 cup topping of choice.

Bake at 5 for 4-7 minutes, or until golden brown.

Eat for your newfound "friendship"

Judge: you guys seem to love your friendship.
I thought I'd try it.
But not all at once.
That would be to overwhelming for me.
So I'm giving it a taste.

Indigo: but... That's a list for pancakes...??
I think she was messing with you.

Wait... Is this "friendship" or is this a "pancake"?
I don't think he'd like the taste of flour. :-/
@Prism: with how white her mouth is?
I bet she was just eating flour.
That's what was on her plate.
Not potatoes.
Because the prez told her it was a key ingredient to "friendship".
Hand hold
@colonelsnivy: I made a pmv last year of checkers and boots, obviously, I used the song "hot air balloon".
It was on my desktop though, so I can't post it.
Da poof poof iz gone.
O nose!
No. The color thing doesn't effect black and white.

His wand is most likely smooth like metal,
And the way it isn't shaded, and is a clean line... I bet the Indigo was just for dramatic lightning effect.
I wouldn't focus on that.
No. Definitely not. 99% of people still look the same after getting magic.
@That Blobfish

that only happened to the color kids & people who got their magic from the Dark Overlord. -Harold-
- is your account name a Mortifer thing, or a coincidence? -

Also, I finished almost all CQs comics. (I say "almost" because Lunis Island is no longer a thing.
I don't know if I should say 'oh, cool' or 'that sucks'
@Jazmin Zombie: I tiz 15.
It's times like these
I wish I had a phone so I didn't have to wait till 4:00pm to see the updates.
Once I found out about this yesterday I flipped.
Stratoverse is the last place I guessed.
@Peridot-Cut-23-8AP: a while actually.
Just isn't brought up in the comic much.
I know of one that wasn't said in the comic at all.
It's called Wintraverse.
Think of that.
I'd say either wintraversian... Or steamversian.

If he was Inversian, his skin would be white,
-the color thing doesn't effect black and white.-
And I don't think he's Stratoversian, he's never been seen flying or with clouds, and never acted like the common Stratoversian.
I'm not sure if Stratoversians need their clouds to use magic, but if so, then those are crossed off the list.
(we mustn't speak of that elsewhere.)
Woah wah?
Indigo feels?!?!
I can't wait till Thursday!
@Pedro Mamprim: oh crap.
True but
@Chat: it wasn't only this one, he "dropped his lingo" a while ago.
And to be clear, he still has his speech impediment, it's not something you can just "drop" CQ changed it so it was easier to read.
(If I remember correctly)
It took long enough.
Why, finally!
The question was asked!
I love it. ?
@Birdly: sorry to admit, I didn't notice you the first few times.