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Just someone you'd pass by without a thought on the street. Nothing special.
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he is really obedient.... and so cute! Niya needed his own little love (even if he is evil), and Snow is so cute! i love your stories devdasi
Wonderful. I love these stories. it makes the old greek stories come alive. I love it! :)
....the universal answer for every question 'everthing is okay'. i'll used that escuse too, even though i was really feeling alright but i was never in such a bad place. i really like the manga so far! keep up the good work and i look forward to what you do with the story in the future.
okay.... 1)you must really like the three seme characters, you use them all the time 2) I love the frog! He's adorable! Perfect uke!
He thinks he's broken... he just now noticed?
I would... so... KILL HIM. I ccant believe she doesnt do anything on the next page... he wouldnt be standing anymore. Correction, he couldnt stand anymore.