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I am a young animation student who likes stories.
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    Sarah Gibson
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Thanks :)
I really like your support!
Have a nice corny meet n greet.
The comic will be up by midnight. :)
Alright, so it's up. It looks good.

Sorry I was late, guys. But here's the rest of the main characters! Official introduction comic next update. :)
I have to delay this strip to tomorrow morning. Our car had a temper tantrum today in the Denny's parking lot, and we were kinda stuck there for another hour or so.

On top of that, we're preparing for a bake sale, so there was another two hours of shopping and two hours of other chores, and all in all I'm about seven hours behind.

So here's some apology nachos.
First Page
The dawn of an era, I hope. Here's the first page!

I hope to update every second Saturday.
Hello! It's my plan to update this comic every second Saturday, but that depends on school. However, I promise to have the first strip up by tomorrow night (May 5, 2018).
I think I just died
It's perfectly alright for you to need a break. I love your work, and I look forward to more of it when you're ready.