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Craig Bruyn
Hey folks!
I'm a comic creator from down under.
Growing up with comics it took me till my adult (questionable) years to get my butt into gear and start seriously creating comics.
My first comic series, From Above was a seven issue (to date) sci fi /cyberpunk series based in a futuristic melbourne.
Things then started to get a bit cuter, wackier and generally a bit more chibi-fied after that.
I followed From Above up with some paid work for IDW with a few variant cover pieces and a 4 page short for Skylanders Superchargers.
Whilst doing that I also got the awesome chance to do a one shot book with writer, Ryan K Lindsay, called Ink Island.
This brings us to current events where I'm working on a couple of self created projects which you'll hopefully see here and working my day job for toy company, Moose Toys.
@Thomas S: Thanks very much. I believe its a freefont that can be found on
I think its called letteromatic
A 10 panel page that's liable to give Barkley indigestion...
@mrjacob77: Ha! Very nice spot! :)
"Table 16, your kitchen scraps are ready."
@Ultizeta: Yeah :) Tibia honest he's not much a drinker
A real drinking problem...
NOTE: You folks may notice a few edits on this page. Call me a stickler for detail but i realised the internal walls actually should have been stone and the door entrance arched so i updated the visuals from the timber walls.
Dialogue heavy page...
@EonFive: Thanks :) I like to try and add a few quirky things in the background sometimes
A tavern: The warmest, most vibrant place in a town?
"Hey, Did you notice that the skeleton could talk?"
@martyrex: I'd go so far to say that they're the enemies you get in the tutorial level of a videogame where you're being taught the combat controls :)
Collie curry, anyone?
Not the best thought out robbery of all time...
@Ryjora: he's a heavy sleeper
@Ultizeta: a real lazy bones...
Frank's latest headache...
Wake up Frank!