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Craig Bruyn
Hey folks!
I'm a comic creator from down under.
Growing up with comics it took me till my adult (questionable) years to get my butt into gear and start seriously creating comics.
My first comic series, From Above was a seven issue (to date) sci fi /cyberpunk series based in a futuristic melbourne.
Things then started to get a bit cuter, wackier and generally a bit more chibi-fied after that.
I followed From Above up with some paid work for IDW with a few variant cover pieces and a 4 page short for Skylanders Superchargers.
Whilst doing that I also got the awesome chance to do a one shot book with writer, Ryan K Lindsay, called Ink Island.
This brings us to current events where I'm working on a couple of self created projects which you'll hopefully see here and working my day job for toy company, Moose Toys.
We have a messenger your beastliness!
Beware the wrath of the great necromancer.... ah... Randy?
This is probably as close to a serious page as you're ever gonna get from this webcomic :)
@Carpetwurm: Thanks very much! Very nice of you to say :)
@Sudux: Thanks very much :)
@Irimuka: There's an arrow in his head??? :)
Oh dear...
It looks like it's time to initiate...
The plan?
@Light and Shadow: Death especially to chew toys and doggie treats :)
The ole 'indirect' route!

Don't forget to check out the new web page for exclusive content and regular updates.
Fear the beast!

Oh and Bark n Bone has its very own web page too!
Don't you just hate it when there's no wifi reception for your satnav?
A 'man' with a 'plan'???
@WiispNightmare: Dont you just hate it when that happens! :)
A convenient plot element!
Thanks folks! Appreciate it! :)
Damn those Beast lords! Always messing with local tourism!
@Tehpikachu: Always! Just wish I had more spare time for this little project whilst still earning money :)
Finally got a chance to get this page done!
Had a heap of work these last few weeks and unfortunately for Bark n Bone paying the bills has to come first.
So sorry for the delay, but the crew are back, kicking butt and taking names :)
First page of many to come for the new year!