Craig Bruyn
Hey folks!
I'm a comic creator from down under.
Growing up with comics it took me till my adult (questionable) years to get my butt into gear and start seriously creating comics.
My first comic series, From Above was a seven issue (to date) sci fi /cyberpunk series based in a futuristic melbourne.
Things then started to get a bit cuter, wackier and generally a bit more chibi-fied after that.
I followed From Above up with some paid work for IDW with a few variant cover pieces and a 4 page short for Skylanders Superchargers.
Whilst doing that I also got the awesome chance to do a one shot book with writer, Ryan K Lindsay, called Ink Island.
This brings us to current events where I'm working on a couple of self created projects which you'll hopefully see here and working my day job for toy company, Moose Toys.
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@SupahTehDupah: Hahaha! Nice spot! Was curious if people would spot the hangman joke :)
I don't need me no sidekick!
@SupahTehDupah: Ha! Yep! In this situation they do :) Thanks for the kind words!
There is no magical weapon in creation that can match the Clause 32-B for defeating trolls...
Alas we discover the roll on effect of unemployment in the evil henchperson sector created by the disappearance of a prominant evil necromancer...
@Big Tim's Funny Books: Cheers man. Glad she likes it :)
@Big Kev: Thanks very much! Rest assured lots more pages in the works :)
@Bec: Thst would be very flattering :) thank you
@Bec: Thanks Bec! Nice and busy working on more pages :)
Would love to know what the kids think when you do show it to them :)
It's a bit of a sticky situation for the troll in this page.
You seriously didn't think I'd let him squish the puppy did you? :)
This page was a lot of fun.
Love a layout that involves a serious page turn :)
@Nick Ab's Comix: Cheers mate! Definitely lots more content to come so definitely stay tuned :)
@eishiya: Thanks very much! Gag a day? Yeah, would have struggled with that format :)
@John H: Cheers mate! Lot's more to come! :)
@DogSmilez: Thanks very much! Very kind of you to say :)
@TamZac: Thanks! new pages coming soon :)
@Ultizeta: ah I see. I think its the default go to area with a play on Avalon from the Arthurian legends :)
@Ultizeta: Thanks very much! Appreciate the kind words :)
@Ultizeta: Is Avalor where Skylanders set? Wow! I actually had no idea that was what it was called. I actually just thought it was called Skylands. Whoops! Just seemed like a pretty generic medieval land name.:)