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Hola, I'm SleepySocks, or Koinu. :> I like to draw (obviously..?), I love music, voice acting, roleplaying, plotting out stories, making music videos, animating, anime & manga, cartoons, paintchat, internet, sarcasm, trolls, and much more.
My favorite genres are comedy, horror, drama, and action, I guess. I'm very open-minded, and I love to talk. xD
Background screentones lazily taken from ery%3Ascreentones%2F5261233&qo=54.
Looks more like T3T to me xD
omg moooore ;A;
I guess it does. xD
Thanks. xD That poster's actually a fanart I did of Black Rock Shooter.
Enjoy the awkward art. :B I'm purposely drawing worse than I can, mainly to help get pages out.
Well, here we go.. This was originally going to be a visual novel, but I got bored and felt like doing a comic.. xD; This'll probably be updated randomly, so..
Id Engager: This comic is definately going to remain full color. :)
Oh God, she's still hanging when he's leaving. XDDD