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High pitched screaming- you go amias!
Why does they always look so precious
I'm not crying you are😭
The real question here
Aahh how is he so supportive!!!!!!😰😩
This is so suspenseful, Alexa play despacito
I have a bad feeling about this 😰
In a colloquial manner -'shoo'
Oh fuck, I wanna know!!!
Did he collect smaug too?
Ooh chef! Amias
Hello demon kars
I fuvkin lost it at what the Hen said
This is father is too good for any of us
Tsukiyama: Tres bien!
Based on the groupie's blushes, I guess he already has his admirers
I know in this scene is he is just laying down, but it look so good! I love how you colored the hair the most!!!