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o....kay then...
You REALLY don't like Amy, I'm starting to guess. XD
This is the first real appearance of Phalanx. Aside from Arma, he's likely gonna be one the darkest villains I create, and I created the AZ version of Mantisk.
Oh dear
Looks like Arma isn't the only one interested in Blaze's adventures...
Enter Tails and Knuckles. Enjoy a bit of comedy before the "plot wrecking ball" hits. :P
Sounds like something's brewing.
Happy holidays!
Just a simple little something I whipped up for today.

Happy holidays everyone ^^

From left to right: Leviathan/Lev (AZ), Elpizo (AZ), Hera (OC), SFF Brandon (OC/Avatar), Kate Brandon (OC, SFF's sister) and Blaze (LoB).
December 5th, 2010
*insert title here*
The gang try to make sense of what they saw, and we're given a glimpse of what will be a major character trait for Blaze: her sense of guilt over all this.
Chapter Six
After a 5 month wait for my crossover partner to catch up on his own comic, LoB returns with the intro to chapter 6.

I don't want to give much away, but...this will most likely be a very DARK chapter. Expect fights, blood, and maybe even...death. :O
Its a character from Megaman Zero 2.
Here you go.
Ok, some of you may not like this news, but as you may know by now, the first arc of LoB will be a crossover between me and Fire Fighter, another sprite comic made by a good friend of mine. However, he is still in the midst of his own arc, so until we are both ready, we will not be able to go through with the crossover arc. As such, LoB is on a temporary hiatus. See you soon!
I just prefer these ones. :/
End of Chapter 5 (and issue 100!)
And so, on the 100th issue, chapter 5 ends on a rather ominous note. Chapter 6 will signal the beginning of LoB's first major arc.

Also, I recommend listen to the following track during Arma's speech, as it adds dramatic affect as well as being Arma's main theme.
Almost at 100
Looks like there's about to be an exposition segment.

Comic 100 is next, which will signal the end of chapter 5 and the official start of the first major arc for LoB. It may take longer than usual, since it's gonna be a long one.
Its the second opening from FMA: Brotherhood.
Reused image, new video
Hey guys, I made another opening movie. This one's for the first major arc, which will officially begin after comic 100. Its also a crossover with Fire Fighter, another webcomic by my good friend Skylert.

Here's the link. Enjoy. =D
Not all demons are bad
Meet the demon guards Heavyheart and Rumlord. They may seem like the token comic relief villains, but there's actually much more to them, as we'll see as the story continues. I'll say this to tide you over, though: Like Hagane, they're not actually evil, but they're working for Arma under...stressed circumstances. ;)
The countdown begins
I'm not gonna mince words, Arma is an EVIL bastard. He manipulated and killed to get to the position he has today, but that's something that will be addressed later on. ;)

Contrast with Hagane, who is noble and honorable, but forced to work for a monster like Arma do to something called a Life Debt. This is a special Demon term that will also be addressed later.
*insert title here*
Now to wait for comic, of course.