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November 27th, 2017
New reader here! OMG, it's awesome!
Mister Mistery, where are we now?
Whats is she gonna say?
I'm so addicted to this story!
Benigna's face in the tha last panel is really funny!
Oh, man! The story is awesome! And this Garvan, he's terrifying and gougeous at the same time!
Man, the cover is fucking awesome! I mean, the raven cloud... It's insane!!! I loved it!
Your work is delightful, man! I loved the characters , the story line, and of course, your draws.
That's how we play, Eli! That was awesome!
I don't know, but Amanda looks a bit different from th beginnig.. The draw now is making her look kind of a bitch girl. Btw, I loved Dana...
And the dog so happy too! I loved that!
Man, I fucking LOVE when you put some writing thoughts in the panels, like in the last one of this page...
Man, the song that plays when Nate calls... So obvious! Lol
Oh my. The second panel was awesome. Those excuses and her face...
Oh, man, Nati is so in love... Amanda, poor thing...
Their faces in the sixth panel! Lol!
Wow. That fells terrible...
@crazylupus: Don't worry, mister! I forgive you... if you bring my lovely Anubis and his honey biscuit back!
August 8th, 2017
Not that bad that he was able to improve his violent behavior...
August 8th, 2017
Yeah, that's tough...