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He's eviiiiiil
And he's mean to best Meowth
Nobody mess with Meowth
I didn't exactly like Amadeus but i also didn't hate him.
Dammit QuickScope this is not a good moment to be the best thing of the season.

1. Quickscope
2. Slash
3. Raiza
4. Josh
5. Jeannie
6. Kade
7. Derek
8. Jenny
9. Lester
10. CeCe
11. Parm
12. Ollie
13. Jahira
14. Nezumi
15. Naomi
16. Mele
17. Amadeus
18. Charity
19. Joy
20. Tony

1 to 14= Love
15 to 19= Neutral
20= Hate
Wow, i only hate the doggo. Nice
I was expecting QuickScope to be first to third boot, but now i feel like he may make it to the merge

Jenny <3 she's going to be happy with the swap

Lester <3 I hope he burns
So this means that Josh/Lester is the ditto from SFC15 and Quickscope is Oran from SFC1?

I hope i'm not wrong.
''Not all red hedgehogs are Slash'' Are you sure about that?
Something i want to see is Ollie and Quickscope in the jury.

While Quickscope is 100% first boot material(unless he found a idol while waiting for his fight with Derek) i'm expecting Ollie to survive thanks to CeCe.

My favorite tribe, i love everyone <3
Well, i was wrong.

Ranking order for each tribe. (You will have to wait till merge to know my favorite <3(Except for those that get eliminated)(The ranking can and may change)
First place


Second favorite

Ollie (please, make it to the jury lol)

Third place


18. Charity

Dead last

Amadeus (Die)

Is complicate, but i'm like that.
And now i see it.
I'm expecting Amadeus to leave, he just doesn't seen like pre-merge material and even with the awesome robo-suit he's still a liability thanks to his ego.

Also, i notice Koko left Ollie in the camp. Poor murderous animatronic
Quickscope is awesome but is so obvious he's going to shoot someone of another team during the challenge and get his tribe discalified and then voted.

But that just a theory, a survi- *Brick'd*
Jeannie is now my favorite of this tribe.

Don't worry Lest, i believe you will make it far. Unless the others decide to vote for you because of the dick move.

The others are standing there talking.
Amadeus being a dick.

Josh getting bullied.

Tony and Charity doing nothing.

Raiza being best mongoose.

Parmesan acting innocent.

And me reading the comic late because different time in my country.
Congratulations xX_QUICKSCOPE69_xX, you just got in my top 10 of this season's cast and yo won't go down soon, i hope you last.
So, is Lester a firefighter? I don't see how water can hurt you other than wet clothes. Unless you have a type disadvantage.
I should mention the possibility of Naomi lying about her role, i'm expecting her being either a SK, a vamp or an actual medium.
Since this is my first time commenting i should give my oppinions on the cast.

But i'm not in the mood to make a huge wall of text. Instead i will give my oppinion on some of the character i'm interesed in.

Quickscope: still waiting this guy to ragekid because of a losing streak in his team.

Mele: Angie was my favorite in V3 and Mele is similar to her, she just needs to be careful around Korekiyos. Those are dangerous.

Ollie and Cutiecat: They are in the same tribe and i believe this means Catie will try to get away from him the moment night falls since she probably played the game already, either Ollie gets eliminated soon or we are going to see Catie going crazy from fear.

Derek:I hope he's not all 'Dude! Dudette! Bro! Man! Broski!' Like a certain someone from season 15. But he seems to have an actual personality so he may surprise me.

Josh and Lester: i love pokemon, other than
that i have no information about them.

Parmesan: i don't watch MLP but Parmesan has picked my curiosity, but since he's more open about his transformation the smart people of his tribe may get rid of him fast.

I should mention my english is not the best, so if someone bleeds from their eyes.