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Uuugh... butts?
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Up. It'll make you cry.
@LoveMeAlways :D: Yes, please hold all questions til the end of the tour x3
@Mirror_Heart: Haha he's holding him and yes, he's a strong little bastard :D
Urgh getting slowly but surely closer to kinky things... *cries manly tears*
@MinamiKou: Perhaps but whatever it is it's gunna be super gay :D
@YukixKaname1: It's his mating dance~<3
@Helena Rose: Yus, please look forward to it x3
Run now Maki- ruuuun.
Suddenly Maki :>
My attention span is too short for colouring properly~
Sorry for the large break between posts everyone- I was moving house :> there will be another up-date tomorrow since this is just a simple text page~<3
I won't lie guys this is my favourite page so far :D
Tatsuchan you are most observant >w<
Haha everyone loves dem bowl cuts ;D
I feel almost bad how tame everything has been so far xD er...suspense? ;)
I am also impatient for boners :<
@MinamiKou: Thanks Minami :>
Um hello :> really looking forward to working on this project. Two things close to my heart, cute dorky guys and like, bondage and kinky stuff :D
FIRST :D and omg he looks so much cuter with tha curls :o