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NEW ACCOUNT = * Madakou *
Merqueen hahaha good one ;p
Right...?! ;p
Yup... How did she find out T^T Poor Finn
ohh.. sharp one *wink*
Thank you!
I never got this much favorite in like forever! Thank you, guys!
I know to compare to all those popular comic on this site it's nothing but damn... It's a lot to me <3

~♪Thank you for your love for your like for your click ♪~
Yeah riiiiiiight...? *wink-triple wink*
Nuuuu... Come back to life!
I don't wanna be a murderer... ;p
Bad boy that's what you are Finn!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you all.
Please stay warm and don't let the bad germs take you... ;p
For those who live in a warm country, then you're really lucky...
But either way... Stay healthy, love your friends and family cause they love you! <3
ikr ;p
Prince charming dead... The end. My version of the little mermaid. Hahaha... ;p
If you think that it is going where it is going then I think it is going where you think it is going :))
Hehehe! The ocean is a friend to none...
@miakoda.kara: And I love you for spending your time to read and appreciate my manga^^ thnx!!<3
@Hawkflame: Yay indeed!!! ;p
Hope you like it so far...<3
Hey, check out my Deviantart for more...

Take a look at my SPEEDPAINT of this art on Youtube!

And for you people... have a SPOOKY Halloween!