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Sorry for the late and inconsistent updating! But regardless, here's the next page =)
Hey guys!! Sorry for no page last week, and I may not get a page this week because of all of my projects, but I'll do my best to keep updating. here's a little image of them until then! :)
Ooh, stuff just got real! :D I love your comic, by the way!
She doesn't even know what's going on, Sir.
@tuksoil: Thank you and hello! :) So far it's only three pages, though the fourth page is being worked on. The series will probably be 7 chapters total, but I update with a new page or two every weekend unless something pops up (:
I love her expression in the fourth panel, its perfect!
@Just ...: Ohh! Do you mean the cat stuffed animal on the page?! Duh! My mistake, not a problem. And maybe they did, maybe they didn't... :)
@Just ...: On the icon? No, but that's a fun idea. Animating the cat's eyes so they blink, heh
@Just ...: Thank you! :)
She has a cute design!~