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I am a high school student and enjoy acting, reading, singing, and drawing. I have no occupation save busting my gut for academia. Luckily, my friends who read gory comics know where to get a few extra intestines, so none of us are in any danger. I am strange and vain. Some obsessions are musicals, politics, purple, social justice and dachshunds.
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I love Ellis's expression in the fifth panel.
Ooh, the banged-up shield is done really nicely.
Ooh, a view of the trench in all its glory. This is going well!
That is a great face. Approval!

I wonder where I've seen that bracelet before...
That's totally a cameo from the Because of Ivan girl. Shouting "four!"
November 24th, 2008
DRAKE has a romantic past? NONSENSE!
She is a sad and harrowed-lookin' woman compared to when we first met her. Abusive relationship, perhaps, Melanie? Nooo, not at aaaaall...
September 24th, 2008
Yeah, I really like the female London. She's Drake's mother's drake, yeah? She is one badass dragon, all cut up like that.
Wooah a pretty yellow dragon!

The kid seems so tiny in comparison to his mom... I mean, it's not a huge difference from the other shot which showed them together, but somehow he seems smaller. Eh.
Durham looks a lot more distinct from his sibling than Drake does from his. Just something I notice.

I like Drake rolling his eyes at the mushy dragon-flirtation.
So they broke up... and what happened with Michelle? Abortion?
July 27th, 2008
Oh yay for the continuation! I am happy
I love confused!Wiley hovering in the backround.

I was fine with Michelle's boobs. Really quite fine. If they appeared again... I would not mind.

But THIS... Blrrrg.
Whence all the "she's such a slut" comments? For all we know her husband is abusive or something. I mean, she definitely definitely definitely should have told Peter. But I think the problem isn't any "hoebag"-ness on her part, it's that she lacks scruples.
May 20th, 2008
He's being nice! Way to go, Theo! I knew you had it in you!

Miruku, don't stress. If you draw it, they will come. It's not like we're hating you every day you don't pick up a pencil, though. Your art is worth the wait.
Poor Patrick and Melanie.

She is so in for it, I'm telling you.
This is when CreepyAbusiveBoyfriend decides he should take full control of Melanie's social life. Am I right? Am I right?
Ellis DEFINITELY gets abused at home. I should have realized this sooner.