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Ah, the amazing gays are back :3 it's always so exciting to see your amazing work <3
Shush, you're a amazing person. I'm just a rando on the internets Kappa
October birthday club! Mine is on the 18th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY you amazing person.

/Also, I can't wait for more. This is great
I've been awwwing and laughing into eternity. This is 10/10 sex
October 10th, 2018
Ahhh, I'm am so sad it ended, but I still loved it. Great job guys, I loved seeing your art develop over the years <3 Thank you for putting hard work into this!
/screams at how adorable this is/
/screams in excitement/ more fluff!
September 3rd, 2018
*screams into oblivion* Let them be happy
When I get rich I will buy everything you got lol rn I will just be sad about not getting the sexy times
Ahhh, this is so lovely and heartwarming and I want everyone to be fine ~w~
I really like the new layout. It looks so fresh. Also I still want more Radan action lol (not like he is in like 50% of this comic already)
Good luck on your exams, I'm sure it will go great <3 also I hope you're taking enough time to rest and eat well (you can't live on bagels alone :>)!
''Couldn't be bothered to...' is like my life motto from now on *sips coffee he made 12 hours ago and didn't get time to drink, but is too lazy to go make another*
oh god dammit #4
I love the little promotion tidbit lol also I thought everyone watches gay porn for the technique *>*
I'm glad she's happy <3
Me, but with all the food. Also I saw the comments on the other pages. I think the girl character is cute and normal actually <3 so thank you for her
I love that the pizza slice is 10 times more detailed. That's the right way to draw pizza
It's a shame then! (and I don't think the image works ;-; ) But I'll start reading your comic on a different site cause I won't give it up ever >.>