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So as you've probably already noticed I don't have a comic. I'm not too good with the drawy stuff. I'm an O.K. Writer (I can't do anything longer than 10 pages or I'll get distracted) I make music videos (No, not anime music videos, I make music videos to Sci-Fi shows. I've made 10 for Stargate SG-1/Atlantis & one to Tinman. You can find them on youtune under the name SailoMahoshie) I also like taking photoshoots which you can find along with my outfit designs over on deviantart under the name Dr-Fumbles-McStupid well that's about it about me. If I can get Fatal Lozenge off her Lazy butt we might do a collaboration comic, but don't expect us to actualy come through!
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I am also quite fond of sister Mary Catherine! Her name is speled the same way as mine (Catherine!) I peronaly hate catherine spelt with a y I don't particularly like it spelled with a K either!
Just dropping by for the first time! I wanted to tell you that your artwork is gorgeous! I also love how you are pacing the story and not rushing through it! A good story needs a good setup! Keep up the good work!
Image not working
Going through and re-reading your comic and the image on this page isn't showing up.
Chaaa! I just finished all the pheonix wright games today! They are amazing! But don't worry! If you can't play them just hang on! I heard that Dark horse is translating a pheonix write manga series!
I like random goggles wearing dude! He can jump out at me from nowhere! Just found you're story! The artwork is good and so far I'm liking the characters and the story keep up the good work!
Yes, yes she is, but that is exacly why we love her!
I think that I may just have found my new favorite character! Omg I am laughing so hard right now! I think I shall name him Raven! Please keep up the good work!
Thank you sooooo sooooo much for putting the whole chapter up for download! My freind and I read the same webcomics but she is stuck with. Dial up so it takes forever for the pages to actually load! I usually go through and save each page individually and rename them (smackjeeves has a stupid naming thing) and then give them to her on a USB drive when she comes over! This saves me so much work! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! XD
can I steal dog? He's adorable and I Luff him so much! Huggless him! BTW I love your artwork!
I luff your comic! Your art is amazing (especialy because you shade everything by hand) the story is orignal and intruging! And ditto on what Oni-Bu said, you should ne published! I would buy the comic!
thank you so much for updating every day! Don't push yourself to keep up the pace though because I don't want you to burn yourself out! I really like the storyline so far and your art is amazing! I envy your ability to draw elf ears evenly! Mine alwayse end up lopsided.
yay another update! Are you drawing these daily or did you already have these drawn. If you are drawing these daily you are even awesome than I previously thought!
can't wait 4 more!
omg this is amazing! Your artwork is awesome and the story so far is intriguing! I am amazed at the fact that this is all done by hand, I can't wait for more!
happy birthday! He has the same B-Day month as me! Mine is the 24th! I just finished reading through your whole comic today and I fell in love! The story, the humor, the art, everything is original and amazing! Please keep up the awesome work!!
congrats on the spotlight! You deserve it! You have an awesome comic with unique drawing style and a hilarious story line! Keep up the good work!
thank you for updating. Please take your time. There's no rush! Real life is (sadly enough) more important than this comic!
Yay! An update! I luff this comic so much! Tis so funny! Please keep up the good work!
OMGWTFBANANAS! Yay an update! Keep up the awesome work
First comment! Le gasp! A cliff hanger! Please update soon I really love your comic and this it deserves more loveon smackjeeves! Keep up the awesome work!