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🐲 200% bird
Could that face lie to you?
I absolutely did not expect him to be that cute but when thinking about this, the look fits him really well.
I hope she won't set the blanket on fire
Fire friends :3
Wait! Let her sleep for five more minutes
@comercole: Last one was a sketch because I had nothing else^^
Did I say friday? I meant saturday of course...
Here, have a space cat
Yup, that's hideous
@comercole: I hope it'll still look nice when it's done^^
Happy winter solstice, merry winter solstice? I have no idea. See you next year!
Not that busy I think. If playing games doesn't distract me, I'll start with the chapter before new year
Thank you :3 *chapter 1 hype intensifies*
Oh no. Look what you've done eclipse!
Maybe not what you expected but at least a sketch for chapter 1 since many of you (me as well) really want it to start. See you all next friday *hopefully*
Congrats silver! You'll get the 1000 soon
@DarkFlameOSecrets: *Low budget cinema ;)
@orgostevani: Yes, once I got time to draw pages
December 14th, 2018
Thank you so much c:
She died
The End