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The villains seem to be nicer than our protagonist. Now I wish them to succeed...
Fancy looking cover you got there. The oshawott looks super cute as well
The eevee is still alive, but for how much longer can she outrun her pursuer?
@Pandemiccarp743: Thank you! He's gonna be... interesting
He's back *yey*

I tried a few ways to draw backgrounds differently over the last couple days and I really like this one, just have to improve on it and it should look good.
I love how sarcastic Lloyd is
@Darvin: Yep. It's standing right there.
@Sylvia: Thank you, good that you enjoy it
@orgostevani: You mean the character or the comic? Both answers are yes :)
You're doomed :c, Bye Eevee o/

For your indication: The text is a continuation of the one from the first six pages
@AssaultBird2454: The cool guys are cracking their joints^^ Better run, they are coming!
I guess that's a good sound?
@Pandemiccarp743: Thanks, I hope I can improve it further.
@AssaultBird2454: Thank you :) Looks like the work was worth it^^
I've been working on this page for 6 hours now... (Which is high above my average)...
Those backgrounds are killing me :c
Surprise Cover attacks!
It's super effective! One easy page *yeeey*
I've read through the whole comic this morning and have to say: I'ts amazing.
I've never played the games or was interested in them but everything still is very understandable.
Great work!
Sorry for the little gap between this and the last update, I had a lot of things to do.
The next update could take some more time again, I need to figure out the best way to draw the new backgrounds.