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🐲 200% bird
When she says it like this, it really does sound a tiny bit unlikely.

Also, I love the panel you colored, it looks even better than it used to now!
Seeing Nick smile again makes me happy. He's a good boy.
Looking really good so far!

I wonder what happened to the dragon.
Happy reunion without the happy. I wonder why they were here for really or why the magnezone doesn't seem pleased.
I wouldn't do that if I were you but go on for the entertainment.
Hey, another page is done *yey*

The lines and sketches of this page (and the next) were done almost two months ago but they seemed okay so I kept them.
I will complete the next page somewhere in this or the next week, whenever I find the time for it.
For now, here you have page two of the first chapter, have fun reading!
Blazy is so nice. Give her a cookie for me.
That looks really good so far. I'll definitely follow your comic.
Thanks :3 I hope the next pages will be even better
Let's just say it took a while^^
The wait is over
After I've got some really good progress on the next few pages, I think I can upload the first one now without regrets.
Sorry again for the _little_ delay, should be over now.
Hope you enjoy this page!
Oh wow she's rude, cute little cyndaquil did not deserve this
@VelvetRainbow: Guess I've written and replied a bit clumsy here. My intention was not to bug anyone or spread sarcasm. It was more a comment to the last panel. Sorry if it was a bit unclear.
You absolutely need to know about Xatu and his magic box opening service.
Congrats! That's so much.
"Sir Drizz" That's a big title for such a little Azurill.

Thanks for doing that QnA, it's really interesting to see/read all these questions and answers.
Loki is sooo cute, no matter what he does.
Fine, let's go there
@MichaelB450: If she is your problem, you could consider that an option