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🐲 200% bird
*Boss fight music silently starts playing*
Blazy is so polite :3
She can call her "Purry" all day if she wants to, I'll support it.
July 19th, 2019
What an amazing page with so many characters, even if it took time. Really stunning work!
May 7th, 2019
Wow, the comic looks and reads itself very good so far.
Zevét's an absolute cutie as well!
That's pretty optimistic for a little bird
I don't mind swearing in comics too much, it shows the characters personality (as long as it isn't overused)

Maybe you can come up with interesting insults/swaering that only pokemon from this world would say. That way, you could avoid using vulgar language completely but still show that personality trait.
That's a way to solve your problems...
@AgentNein: What a coincidence, got it in there as well since two days :/ Hope you're all right now
April 17th, 2019
Don't think she took that information too well. Poor doggo.
@Flavia-Elric: That really is not a lot. I'm curious what the story can give within such a timeframe. I'll be here, reading.
Great to see another page of this!

When you said it's a quick comic, about how many pages will there be?
That Ho-Oh is too majestic for this world :3
That didn’t last that long
Bug catcher Joey wants to battle!
@comercole: She probably is :c
Oh, look at the time, last upload was a while ago :c

I might have spent that too much time playing Hollow Knight... or doing useless stuff...
But there IS hope, next pages are really far :)

I'm also preparing other things but I'll see how far I can bring them
@Guest: Yes, she is
I haven't noticed the transparent panel borders until now. That's a great idea.
@WriterRaven: Thanks :)

Still needs a lot of work but there's room to improve.
She's eating her words and I'm loving it^^