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Hey, no sleeping now! You need to do protagonist things!
@Pandemiccarp743: ok, you don't have to be^^ I'm sure it's worth it
@Kittenwishstar: Yep, I'll try my best to create something to be excited for :)
@orgostevani: Thank you! Let's see what I can do
@AssaultBird2454: Thank you! I'll give my best^^
In case the image still doesn't like to show up
"Hey, weird author here... You know... The one who said there would likely be a page this week...
Soooo, plans have changed a little... a little lot.
After reading a few nice books that motivated me to try out new things, draw differently and also showed me what I liked in stories,
I felt that this comic just couldn't live up to my expectations anymore.
That's why I've tried new things and came to like them A LOT.
Long story short, I will very likely cancel this comic BUT before anyone comes out and moans about how another comic can die so easily, hear me out first!
I'm already preparing a new story and this one here even is far from dead. I will rewrite most of it as I came to realize a lot of flaws scattered over the whole story.
I hope you'll understand that I want to write the story that I imagined, not one that was written in a rush as a replacement for an older one.
This one should live up to my desires and I'm sure I can do this now.
Thanks you for sticking with this one so far, for all your comments, encouragement and help with it.
See you in a new story!

tl;dr: new story, now wait until I'm done with it^^

+ here have some concept art for the story and some other stuff I did so far"
Uhm yes...
Guess the image says it all.
Comments are still much appreaciated as well as ideas for what I could do.

See you in a new project.
Thank you!
Guess I rarely commented here, if at all. This was the first webcomic that I've read/found and without it, I probaly never encountered this part of the internet. *throws thanks and motivation at you* As for improving, you could try out some new things in the way you draw things or look up how others are doing / what looks good to you in their drawings. That at least helps me discover some new possibilities for drawing. I'm not a professional at giving advice but I hope it helps.
You go and talk to her, we'll stay here
Favorite character? Guess it's Reece so far for not beeing to serious and kind of funny but I'm curious for every new character to come. It's just the beginning.
Aww, poor loki :c
She looks so happy aww~ cute
Mist knows how to encourage people... Again
Thank you for making that amazing comic. One that really stood out among many others. Yes, it's sad but if you see no reason in continuing with it anymore, it's understandable. Good luck for your future projects or whatever you want to do. quick question: is it possible for you to show us how the story will continue through a small summary or similar? That would be great. I'll have to thank you again here for all the work und beautiful art/story you brought to us. Thank you.
Walk it is then. Hope Amber still gets paid.
His cute look makes him even more persuasive. Those ears :3
Looks like someone made a mistake... better run now

Going on a vacation next week so no new pages then. Pages 16,17 & 18 are around 50% completed so they should be finished shortly afterwards.
What could go wrong?...
That's a really unusual group, it's gonna be unique for sure
Mist always knows the best way to do things