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I guess this is where he learned his magic healz... but idk, I'm along for the ride...
Pssst, you left an extra a in panel 2...sorry but I notice those tiny errors
Shouldn't pannel 10, line 3, be "I want you *to* stay safe?"
@Guest: Telepathy...that's all I need to say.
I know that, but I always had a fourth move slot open...
>inb4 we were right
Please tell me this typhlosion knows thunder punch. I always put thunder punch for type disadvantages against water.
oh no, are they gonna have it in the middle of battle?
"You died and I lived happily ever after" -Sniper
"how do we know that you didn't draw with your other hand!?"

I'm just messing, but you two did a good job with trying to make it look like different people drawing them.
he could lie that the sender is down and he takes them to the "professor"
I hated the Wyverns when I was venturing to the sky at early game, now they are ezpz
@TheGreatEmad: Ikr, Mew's are generally known as being the good guys. Maybe Mew is being held because of unkown sources.
Such a lust for revenge! WHOOOOO!
DON'T TELL ME SHE'S DYING. If I learned anything from movies/games is that people in their dying breath will speak the truth and right before vital infromation is said-*dies*
Kaz, I'm already a demon on the inside.

Sorry I couldn't help since the scar got bigger like Snake's horn.
@cccviper653: Is Davey John Davey Jones's younger non-scary brother?
@SilverXVegeta: Judging by the cover, no...