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I like memes and is a gamer.
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@pyshcakes: If you didn't point it out I would of never noticed.
@Guest: "I'm...IN THE COMIC!"
Tbh my answer would be "to help as much as possible while also being comfortably suited for the job" because as they say, it's better to be over prepared, than under prepared.
I guess this is where he learned his magic healz... but idk, I'm along for the ride...
Pssst, you left an extra a in panel 2...sorry but I notice those tiny errors
Shouldn't pannel 10, line 3, be "I want you *to* stay safe?"
@Guest: Telepathy...that's all I need to say.
I know that, but I always had a fourth move slot open...
>inb4 we were right
Please tell me this typhlosion knows thunder punch. I always put thunder punch for type disadvantages against water.
oh no, are they gonna have it in the middle of battle?
"You died and I lived happily ever after" -Sniper
"how do we know that you didn't draw with your other hand!?"

I'm just messing, but you two did a good job with trying to make it look like different people drawing them.
he could lie that the sender is down and he takes them to the "professor"
I hated the Wyverns when I was venturing to the sky at early game, now they are ezpz
@TheGreatEmad: Ikr, Mew's are generally known as being the good guys. Maybe Mew is being held because of unkown sources.
Such a lust for revenge! WHOOOOO!
DON'T TELL ME SHE'S DYING. If I learned anything from movies/games is that people in their dying breath will speak the truth and right before vital infromation is said-*dies*