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I'm not much of an artist so don't expect comics from me! I'm more of a stalker 8D

Anyway, my list of favs probably tells a lot about what I like, so there you go.
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If you were to go with an Aztec name, how about only writing them out whole when needed (like during introductions and such) and then just use nicknames? Refer to him as Mêtz for example? Or perhaps simply use derivations of real Aztec names? c:
it was a really sweet and sad story, I liked it a lot! I hope to see more of your works <3
Giant alien vagina. That's pretty much all I have to say about this page.

And that I do love the dialogue and where this is going haha <3
September 26th, 2009
Happy buuuhrthday!
Congratz eh <3 Hope you had the bestest day ever!

Been following you around the internet for some time *not creepy at all* but I didn't know you had a lj! Would you mind linking to it? (:
I really grew to like this comic :D Watching from now on!
What I like most about this comic so far, except from the kickass art, is Elise, she's getting to me. Can't wait until we learn more about her ^^ And of course I like the guys too (keep the smex comming!) xD

Och kul att du är svensk! Det ser man inte så många av :P
Most epic ending evur and I love it <3 though I hate to see it end since I really liked it .___.
It would be nice if you perhaps wrote a second chapter from Pepper's point of view ^^ I'd soooo love that at least xD

~off to read it again
I can't take this seriously today, sorry xD
but either way I mostly care about the story <3