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Hi! I'm a penguin lover! I live in pengtopia (not really) and like peanutbutter moo's. It's like a recces cup with FLAVOR. Oranges have flavor! Are you an orange? Have you heard love is orange? That can go two different ways, because there is a song called 'love is orange'. I dislike it when no-one coments on a comic that frequently updates, for a month!
I do like to make my comics like me, a little different.

Try it out.
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I see a love interest coming >u>
I madly love all of these games :DDD
"TREE! ...That was AWESOME! DO IT AGAIN!!"
minecraft moment >u<
I love how the rainbow dreads are in her happy thoughts. xD They don't even phase her anymore LMAO
second to last page in the whole comic. Sorry it took me so long but I got a job (whoop whoop!)

I have also been working on improving and such. You can't really see it because of the pixelation and such...
Just unleash melody. She will spring all the traps unharmed and you'll be there in 10 minutes xD
But if we weren't sick, you wouldn't love us as much ;P
I was wondering about that...
I am not making fun of hero complexes or anything like that. I’m just trying to lighten the mood by having the council rag on Lorcan.
Hey guys, sorry its late but it was going to be late unless I skipped classes, and if I did that numerous people would kill me. ><

So I figured, if it was going to be late, I might as well take my time and make it look good. Sorry that it's not the best in the world, but you try hand drawing 47 feathers and then erasing them in dissolving patterns and see how well it comes out for you ><

--->Also guys, I have Good news and bad news. The bad news is that VG will be ending soon.
The good news is that it's not because I'm quitting (honestly!), It's because we are nearing the scripts end!! Where it is supposed to end!! NO SHORT CUTS!!! WHOO~

Thanks for sticking with me and my never-on-time comic! <3

Thank you!!!

Not to major of drama unfortunately :/
Who needs a siren song when your fluffy? <3
xD I love this, so much. :)
so many problems with this page, it's not even funny :C
Sorry about the long wait guys, there has been some major drama here. I didn't mean to leave you guys at a cliff hanger, either.

But I am working hard tonight and only on VG!!
I have the next couple pages drawn up, all I have to do is the computery stuffs.

Hope you like this page~
Well, she DID "land" a blow xD
YAY!! There monetary system works like Legend of Zeldas!!!!
MOOSE SALE!!!!???? I'M IN!!!!