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im crying because when i get older im going to get a cat and name it keaunu reeves and it makes this whole exchange so much better for me i love this
Kakskad the face of the cashier in the last panel gives off a 'no flirting in my lobby' vibe hhh
'Why would the fork only have two prongs' um… it wasn't actually a fork… it was a twok
@rand: I use the term dude gender neutrally, my dude

Either way, charlotte is one c o o l g a l
so good and pure
I reiterate my previous comment: sunglasses dude is a c o o l d u d e
okay so I don't remember his name but sunglasses dude is my favourite character bc he seems like such a C O O L D U D E i love him
well that was unexpected
he reminds me of Ronald McDonald and I think I've finally understood why I'm so terrified of clowns