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Nice to meet ya! :)

I like to read other persons's comics and play Smash, Pokemon and League of Legends
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    Edwars Sabando
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What a good way to say "Hi", Ayaka :'v
Time to traveling in a portal! :o
Uh oh!

Her father? :o
Run Ayaka Run! XD
Uh oh! Never mess with a Mankey :''v
Ouch! The classic "Tackle to somebody" XDD

That scene is always funny for me ;v
So fast
Wow, when someone is really hurry, they just slam the door XD (my father would kill me if I do that with my car's door :'v )
Doorslam!! (Super effective) XD
Thanks for the cameo :3

(I finally could remember my password from this site :'v )