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O//W//O He booped the noise. So cute!
@Ayaben: Same sis! I love Marcus. He and Ari look cute together, but if THAT never happens then i hope it's with Cecil. On a rank. It's Marcus then Cecil. Will is...ok. The others don't really click to me.
@ryanspancakes: Oh god XD LOL!!
Give em a contract Marvel or DC !!
Avengers who?!
Justice League what?!
@Guest: I go as that every year too QuQ
@Tsuru: That's some powerful Cowboy BDE, it you tell me XD
Ugh Yasss~
It's bout to get hot and steamy in da kitchen~ <3
Oh my~
Awe, he's blushies~~! and Damn that Dolphin
OooH~ Me Likey~!
I just love how this is starting!
But let's be honest here, my first reaction would be:
"Where did all these damn flower petals come from?!"
@Batlord22: XD oh you!
Moses ain't got shit on you, baby!