Hey there! I'm a huge fan of all types of media, from TV shows to art to webcomics to video games. In particular, I'm a big fan of Nintendo. I really like reading comics here, and maybe even make my own one day!

So, here are some random facts: I have a hobby of programming video games, I'm pretty young, I really like video game music (especially Kirby & Pokemon Mystery Dungeon music), and Yoshi, Kirby, and Riolu are my favorite video game characters.
Wow, that's big...

Also, the coloring is great!
Oh my god, this fight scene looks beautiful!
When the entire strip is hand-drawn, you know things are gonna go down...
Five chapters in, this is still my absolute favorite page. I love how Avis is trying not to laugh during the last panel!
Oh geez, that's gonna leave a mark!
Wow, Meta. You should know better than that!
He's standing right behind her, isn't she?
What a jerk!
There is something just utterly perfect about this situation.
Man, I can't believe it's actually over. Kirby Adventure was one of the first webcomics I ever read, and it's probably what got me into webcomics to begin with! I absolutely adore the cast of this comic, and it's a true feat to make every character of a ginormous cast likeable (except Zykan, of course)! The characters are probably my favorite aspect of Kirby Adventure, seeing as Master Of Puppets was my favorite segment because it was character focused, but the humor and writing was great too! I'm going to really miss this comic, and I'm excited to see what other projects you have prepared next!

Kirby Adventure, you had a great run, and thanks to Ulti for making such a great comic!