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Hey there! I'm a huge fan of all types of media, from TV shows to art to webcomics to video games. In particular, I'm a big fan of all things Nintendo. I really like reading comics here, and I plan to maybe even make my own story one day! owo;

So, here are some random facts about myself: I have a hobby of programming video games, I'm pretty young, I really like video game music (especially Kirby, Zelda & Pokemon Mystery Dungeon music), I'm a big Riolu and Quilava fan, and Yoshi is probably my favorite video game character.
My favorite is definitely Josie, although you can probably tell why by my profile pic
Nope, I like them too
Josie's my favorite character so far, partly because of her personality, and partly because of how Quilavas are some of my favorite Pokemon.
Do you want me to explain everything again?
Yes <
Eevee Boy And Friends: Coming to a theater near you!
That freaky smile scared me way more than it should've.
Keeby?! Well, I did not expect that!
Umm, I think you better look at Woo's comic...
Wow, so many PMD comics are changing their characters to furries. I wonder why? *wink wink*
Yes! I love George's Unhooded theme as well! Star Allies definitely turned out to be one of my favorite Kirby games too.
Dr Haxor has made a huge mistake.
Wow, that was just beautiful, but it seems like such a Kirby thing to do. This was such an awesome page!
This is the greatest character introduction I have ever seen!
Yay! Chapter 1 is finished! I've really enjoyed the comic so far, especially these last few pages, and I'm super excited for Chapter 2!!
Oh. It's on now...
November 21st, 2017
Note to self: Don't tell a dragon a "yo mamma" joke.
Wow, demanding much?