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I'm Puppycornashlynn, but, you can call me Puppy or Ashlynn.
I like Video Games, like Kirby, Pokemon, etc.
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Ask the characters who've had profiles! Derpy, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and the CMCs.
Wait... he's friends with... himself?
I ship Zan and Clair!
The ship name'd be...
So, you know how I said the SOULs wouldn't come back until the end of the comic?
I decided to have them come back at the start of the area they died (i.g. Snowdin for Bravery, Hotland for Kindness and Justice).
And, their names are bellow:
Aqua SOUL: Pati
Gold Orange SOUL: Brian
Purple Blue SOUL: Bella
Lavender Purple SOUL: Percy (can be spelled Persy)
Lime SOUL: Kyra
Yellow SOUL: Clo
Edit: Also, Alphys is calling Pati on her phone.
Arch 1 Over!
So, now Arch One is done!
Sorry its so short, but, I just wanted to have Asriel and Chara for now, the SOULs won't come back until near the end of the comic.
In the Mirror World, wouldn't the guardian be Dark/Shadow Meta Knight?
Comic #1
Yep, that's Keeby.
So, roles:
The Fallen Role (Chara): Toriel
The Empty One Role (Flowey): Viola the Violet
The Soulless Angel Role (Asriel): Flowey
And, Frisk stays the same, except with a personality.
Pokemon references!!
Also, the Mirror Kirby's named Popopo.
Kirb's bad at explaining things simply.
The Comic Begins
So, sense IDK how to edit the character page, here are the character names:
Ice Kirby: Icey
Paint Kirby: Kirb
8-Bit Kirby: Kirby, but call him ADV Kirby