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I gotta hand it to Eska, she's RIGHT handy to have around!
I love how offended the king looks here. Also, the fact that Chris kinda owns her shit is a treat.
Honey you got a little something on your shoulder there... Oh wait, that shriveled noodle is your arm...
I am in love with the commentary.
Because you took mine from me.
About as far as I can throw him. Considering his size, that would be enough trust that we could get the show on the road!
Oh dear, eel armed sucker punch
It is the spear of sass!
@reddog_f13: herd of many jaws almost makes me giggle. The black drowner on the other hand, not so much. Is that like a kelpie?
well, that sucks. Though, the head is almost cute in an ugly sort of way... like most of me recoils in horror, but a small part of me whispers, "D'awww".

This is concerning.
That poor unsuspecting haunter.
This is why you don't skimp on materials and get a real skull throne.
I smells a scam in progress. Too much heartstring plucking, not enough details on the perp.
"More importantly, where are my clothes and who saw me naked?"
His eyes have been opened
This is amazing. This guy. Thanks.
We all need an eel friend in our lives.
April 20th, 2018
Eat your fill, girl.
Well, she had a nice run.
If precious birbfrend is indeed dead, I hope she haunts the purrloin. Because that is what the story REALLY needs, more ghosts.