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C. Gotta make allies when you can
You know, I’m writing a Mystery Dungeon fanfic on Amino. I can put it here too, if you want.
Thanks :)
February 14th, 2018
Out of all the authors on here, I’ve got to say that you have improved the most.
Thank you for being the only person who acknowledges my art ;)
Me: I’m gonna draw EEeEE cause I’m bored
Also Me: Screw it I’m making it cute
Have you heard the news? It’s Mewtwo’s birthday!
February 6th, 2018
Lol same
February 6th, 2018
Oof, right in the feels
@FNAF217: Wow indeed
Hopefully I get noticed by Shad
I wish I could draw dragons as well as you could
This is what happens when I’m bored.
Seven Moons after

Moon carried her fresh-kill over to Clover, who was sitting near Boulder and Crow, two gray-and-black apprentices. Today, some of the warriors, including Rocky, were gone for some reason, giving the apprentices a free afternoon.

“So,” said Boulder. “Anyone know where Rocky is?”

“Don't know and don't care,” retorted Crow. “I'm just glad he's gone.”

Moon replied, “He's probably just gone for the day, but I'm with Crow. We all needed this break.”

“But where is he?” Clover asked, bringing the conversation back to it's original question.

As soon as she spoke, the wind shifted and Moon caught a whiff of several cats. She could tell that Rocky was among them.

But she also smelled the scent of foreign kits. She didn't know why. Maybe the others did. “Do you guys smell that,” she asked.

“Smell what?” asked Boulder.

“The kits.”

“I don't smell any kits,” replied Boulder

Everyone shrugged and continued with their small talk. But Moon sat silently, uneasily, doubts about the mewling forming in her mind.

Moon’s thoughts were broken by Clover’s meow, “Guys, some of the older cats are coming into the camp. Rocky’s with them.”

Crow let out a hiss of annoyance. “Mouse dung. I thought we would get the whole day off.”

Boulder ignored his brother, a look of concern on his face. “I smell kits.”

Took you long enough, Moon thought. She could hear their terrified mewling, and then the reek of their own fear scent. But why?

Before Moon could ponder, a group of three cats walked into camp, looking triumphant. A terrified kit dangled from each of their jaws.
One of the kits, a fluffy tortoiseshell, cried out, “I wanna go home.”

“Shut it pipsqueak,” snapped Rocky. “This is your home now.

Suddenly, like plunging into freezing water, Moon realized what had happened

The claw moon shed hardly any light. All was quiet. If Moon was going to free those kits, she had to act now.

It had been nearly 5 sunrises since the kits first came, and they were already being trained at only four moons old.

Nearly three moons ago, Moon had silently pleged that no kit should suffer the same fate as her. That night, she specifically asked to guard the kits. But she had to wait until the right moment to act.

When she was sure that every cat in the camp was asleep, Moon prodded the kits awake. The tortoiseshell yelped in fear, awaking her litter mates.

“Shh,” Moon whispered, “your not supposed to wake anyone else.”

Another kit, a ginger tom, replied, “Then what are we supposed to do?”

Moon looked around to make sure no one else was awake. Then she whispered, “Sneaking out of camp.”

“Really? How?” breathed a gray tom.

“Follow me.”

Moon lead the kits out through a hole in the camp wall. This was relatively easily, because they always wanted to get out. Now the hard part, keeping their attention.

“Wow!” whispered the tortoiseshell. “Look at the size of this tree!”

The kits gathered around the large tree, while Moon sighed. She worried that this might happen. Then the gray kit squeaked, “There’s hardly any trees in the moors.” Suddenly, an idea formed in Moon’s head.

“Have you had a rabbit back in the moors?” she asked.

The kits turned around and the ginger tom answered, “Yea! It’s way better than those bird they kept feeding us.”

A hint of a smile formed on Moon’s face.
“Do you have what it takes to catch one?”

The kits enchanged glances and cried in unison, “Yes!”

“Prove it. Pretend I’m a rabbit.”

With that, Moon ran ahead, staying within sight of the kits. Then she stopped and waited for the clusmy footstep and whispers of the moorland kits.

A twig snapped somewhere, alerting her of their exact position. She perked her head up and waited for the kits to come closer.

When she was sure they were nearly on top of her, Moon darted, slower than normal but faster enough to dodge the pounce coming from behind.

Moon heard the snapping of undergrowth and soft thuds hitting the ground. The kits weren’t used to running in the undergrowth, but at least they were keeping chase.

Suddenly, the trees gave way to gorse. They were almost there. Moon jumped over the creek that separated the territories with ease. Seconds later, she heard splashes of little pawsteps in the creek.

Moon kept running, always making sure the kits were still behind her. But where was the kits’ camp? There, a dip in the plains surrounded by bushes. She slacken her pace, letting the kits catch up. Almost at once, tiny bodies jumped on her, knocking her to the ground.

Moon looked up to three tiny faces. “So,” panted the tortoiseshell. “Did we win?”

Moon smiled for the first time in a while. “Yes.”

The kits cheered, pride showing in their eyes. “That was fun,” said the gray kit. “Can we play again?”

“Maybe later,” replied Moon. “Now, why not go and surprise your mother?”

The kits looked at her in shock. “You mean, we can really go home?”

Moon simply nodded, and the kits ran to the dipped in the gorse. She padded off, back towards the woods. She had to get back to the forest before sunrise.

Moon made better pace without leading moorland kits through the woods. She snuck back through the hole in the camp wall, and pretended to fall asleep. But before she could do that, something slammed into her, pinning her to the ground.

“Where do you think you’re going?”
February 3rd, 2018
OMA that’s so cute :3