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This looked better in my head
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    <insert dead meme here>
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its early but sTILL HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIISP!!!!!
when your brother finds your sketchbook
Some doodles of my doggo
this is why i dont draw people
I re-designed her a bit
true story
No, the wings aren't part of this character

Yes, you may want to look up what the purple butterfly means
I made this in June calm down
@SparkySharkhead: your right, this is gorgeous
<insert thumbs up emoji>
I tried something new with the shading. I think it looks okay, but what do you guys think?
Yeah thats something i reall need to work on. I think the biggest problems are 1) Im not exactly the best at backgrounds 2) for the longest time the drawing app I used had two brushes and a three layer limit, so I dont quite understand how to pull off some of the tenquies of more advanced artists. Yeah, I'll definately work on that. (jeez this might be the longest comment Ive ever written)
@EeveeEon: Sing and Double Slap is a good combo too
she beauty she grace
<insert lemmy face>
jeez your fast