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This looked better in my head
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I’m interested
Gengar died in Infinity War
The moment you realize
you also have a Team Delta
Yup, that’s her

You said you would revamp this in December.

You never specified /which/ December.
An LA project/ character backstory I am strangely proud of.

Except the 5th panel. The rest is okay.
When you have too much free time and too little drawing skills
I’m slightly triggered that I live in Illinois and it snowed in April *flips table*

Also nice snow cat. It’s probably better than I could do
*thumbs up emoji*
Yup XD
@WiispNightmare: I’ll post the picture here don’t worry

As for her personality, she’s a generic, levelheaded mon who was rejected by her mother for being shiny. She and Aaron live in a small den in Etherial Forest in Sinnoh.
Relatable XD
Can you draw Snowbelle(remember her?) with her mate Aaron who looks like this(but better):
Welcome to the club!
Glad you’ve decided to try this again! I personally really enjoyed the PMD comic, but you can do whatever floats your goat.