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Well, I don't have much to say...I'm a medicine student, so I'm not gonna be really overactive, but I saw this comic (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon SAGA) and it really inspired me to finally slack off and my comic (Since I've got LOTS of ideas). I like pokemon since I'm like, 7...I don't really know what else to say :B If you ever want to chat just hit me up or something, I will answer asap, I like knowing new people.

I also play league of legends from time to time and I like spriting, I used to sprite on a regular basis before but now I'm just a casual...

Oh, English is not my main language (It's spanish) so if you have problems with the way I express myself, I'm sorry..
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I promise I'll resume the updates tomorrow, but anyways, thank you so much guys! This makes me really happy! :)
I hope you like these two be honest, I hated how they turned out in the end :/ I'm glad to show you the 6 Mutig Feen teams though

I almost forgot to give credit to the amazing spriters that made those sprites...

Whimsicott was by PowerCristal
Gen 1-4 sprites ripped by RBY
Timburr and Rufflet by OldSoulja
Rockruff by JavierB also known as zlolxd

Thank you all guys, you are amazing spriters!
I had some probs with the windows and kinda messed up the quality, I hope that wont become an issue :/
Surprise! I hope you guys like the way this is going *naughty laughter*

Also, Whimsicott sprites were made by PowerCristal :)
After practicing for a while, I finally got a really nice format, I hope chapters keep this kind of design from now on! :3

Oh, btw, what did you guys think about the ''boss'' being a Whimsicott? Hahaha, I guess I wanted to surprise you guys as much as nintendo surprised me when in explorers of darkness they threw this damn Wigglytuff at me, although it's not as if I could expect anything else taking into account the base gate was Wigglytuff head. Also, what did you guys think of this new team you guys got to meet? If things go according to my plan, you will meet the other Guild members soon. Katto is one of my faves btw, not only the way he acts but I've always been a sucker for leafeons
I will start working on this chapter asap.
You probably had already guessed Gecko was the oldest, but here you have the specs
Ignore the draw parth
It seemed cool just to think about the little kids finally growing up and getting those uber final stage evolution power ups!
Hope you guys like the reference, it's only his name tho, he won't start rapping or anything
About time Yusha stopped being kinda useless
Just so you know...
It's not some kind of friendship aura, it's Blaze and Overgrow activating...I wanna make Pokemon abilities stronger than they are in the games so that they are more interesting.

In case you wonder, Killer's ability was Sniper, that's the reason he hit so hard, cause with that ability, he knew where to hit to make his attacks become critical.
This was meant to be posted a lot earlier but I had some electricity issues...Oh well, there you go! Btw, last strip with no real action on it
I actually did half of the next page so expect an early and probably big update tomorrow...
Well, it's 3 am, I'm a little bit sleepy so no big comments
Well, since I'm not exactly sure if I'll be able to update tomorrow, here goes a big 3 pages update. :)

I guess Gecko isn't that bad after all.
@Darkflame93: jajaja :v
After a hard day of work, I finally found my way around GIMP, changed the horrible Title Page to a more decent one (I plan to change it from time to time as I reveal more main characters or as I see fit), anyways, here are some of the original nintendo tale changes :3 I put all of my morning into bringing this near to perfection, I hope you guys enjoy!

Lmao, I uploaded the comment and no chapter, I guess I'm still a newbie XD
I kind of messed this up x_x

EDIT: Nothing messed remains messed :)
I loved the way you edited sprites, in fact, it inspired me to try to do my own sprite comic, but you are great at drawing too so that's cool. Keep up the amazing job!