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I've always liked making sprite comics but they never really amounted to anything.

In short they sucked.

But that all changed one day when me and my good buddy Afrohawk decided to make our own together. As you can see with the Aftersubrtact, we succeeded in making a great sprite comic. As the plot guy, I help with writing the story and finalizing all the comics before they are uploaded. So before I make a wall of useless text, oh wait I already did, read the Aftersubtract.

And if you don't like it, fine, who am I to tell you what to think. But please comment and tell us what to fix so we can make it better.
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Poor Kracko
Well here ya go. If you're wondering where Afro is, look under life issues on the forums. But for now enjoy the pent up rage of a little fairy.
Kirby copying a copier? What sort of wild powers will he get? The ability to copy better? We shall see.
All he knows now is thundershock, but after a few level ups, who knows?
Pain is always funny, plus why kill of a funny character unless there are no more jokes left, and we've still got plenty more for Luigi.
Hey afro, you can't complain, I have a text message proving you suggested the idea.

But it doesn't really matter since none of this has anything to do with the plot.
Sorry if you were looking forward to seeing turtle soup, but Afro is handeling the flashback, and he's not here this week. So I'm going to cut into a flashback to show a bit of the other characters.

You can expect the flashback to resume next week.
Wow Linko, you seem to know alot about HTML
you think reading this is bad, try listening to Afro talk like this everyday.
It's a fiftieth comic, if you don't comment on it, you're a noob.
Sorry about being late, but I've been busy with sport stuff. But here it is, waddle chu.
they had 4 comics each because we couldn't fit all the stuff in 3 comics.

But yes they are special
There goes a heart
Poor Link. It must suck being unable to jump.
But on a more important note, we only have one more character to introduce, so the plot may actually start.

JK there is no plot.
Nicely done Afro!
I didn't expect you to finish it to tommorow!
I guess this is how blue penguin things reproduce. I think.
oh afro
stop patronizing the viewers.

And by the way thanks to everyone whos favoriting this
Well here we go. The story may actually be getting a plot. Oh Noes!!
lol Afro did you really think it was that hard to figure out?
But hey I guess some people don't know some of the characters.