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Prepare for the BEST show of your lives! ha ha!/ Howdy there! im Jesty and im 15 and trying my best to keep improving my art!, i Believe there is good in everyone they just need to try!, Im vary down about myself and have depression ever sense i was around 8!/ and i put on a mask were i am cool because i guess its cool?..even though alot it just gets people thinking im a total wierdo!.

I love sweets and candy! and things that make me wanna dance and give me insparation!, i also love singing and colorful things and Danceing!, Im TOTALY into abunch of fandoms to heh.. like UNDERTALE/GLOOMVERSE/BATIM/Khonjin house!/FNAF,DHMIS, and thats all i can think of for now!.

i hope we can get along and thank you for looking at my Description!

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