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Well i make random and not so random comics and im trying my best so....please dont eat me! oh and i love nintendo and sonic to bits!
He should use the dragon.
Edward lives a depressing life...
Ah ok i'm going to try bring A&P back i figured it's a good escape from the real world so, i'll probably be making more now. Yay? That's up to you to decide.
Its like a dog pile with added death! >:3 EXTREME!
Happy new years all!
Yush! With three authors would there be more updates?
Yeah! PC Carter!!!!!!!! This is like a late christmas gift... :D
Hoozah despite my constant pressure of exams i have made a gift for BK! :3
Darnit! That means i gotta make you a present...(Is thinking up something to do) OOO i think i know! :3
Oh thats WereWalrus and Edwards..uh...An Orange! Yeah thats it! :3
Ah... I was supposed to make this yesterday but...(He went to a party...) :3 It was fun though! Here ya go!
Muh ha ha YES! twas my plan all along!
October 27th, 2008
See Peter is a good name for things that begin with P
October 27th, 2008
Gosh! WHat could this something be?
Ghost finaly Snapped... poor inocent creature.... :'<
Hee hee hee wait and see! :3
Crazy i have a Darth Vader costume just like that! >:3
Poor Ghost...
Hooray! Gotta love TDz!
Joe was a ghost.