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Helo my name is brainlesseevee and I'm off on a big
journey of being the best Eevee pokemon

I love playing Halo so tank u for
asking (sighs)

Anyways my dream will be complete
and I know that I can do it.

Because I will make my comic name called $$$__-++()))/((
(Not ready to show u yet)

From later news I will be making a
Pokemon type comic
And there is nothing you can do to stop me
updates will be on Friday unless it doesn't
get update

These comic's have a dark dark dark
side of evil.
And a funny comic light side.
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what would girls want with porn hmmmmm
poor ducks
what did i miss
i am back from las vagus
Problems for me
okay the reason im cursing is because number one i have not updated my account in forever and number two i have not been on the comic eeveelution squad and i have about 100 comics to read to catch up and its going to take to long my god. (Well i can fix the whole not updating thing)
Im never not updating my accounts
I'm going to read the rest of the comics later I missed like 200 chapters
Man these comics are a combination of mangas and animes. 😀
Dusk I have one question if your gonna have done it that just so u know your gonna die. 💔
aaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am back evryone sorry it took me a long time so what happened wait dusk is a haccker. mmm so am i.
Pinkeevee I have a dare for u okay 😏
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm well that was very ummmm idk but blizz looks in a very good mood
It's been so long 😣
Damn strong ass glaceon
@Pinkeevee222: hey do u like playing roblox does anyone like playing roblox plz im lonyly no my spelling is wrong im not paying an atichon in class i dont loke it. and u said no more eevee comics aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i will explaine something about the comics but firts plz tell me im a pretty insaine person who cant spell because he hates school and that goes for u toeverone i just need one thing saying i am crazy and i will tell u something cool about the comics.
who is he. also if anyone plays roblox come and join me.
pinkeevee whaat the fuck is this creppy crap you are showing us i am preety sure that night is umbreon and if u did not know that then idk. but who is her find out next time in stupid short eevee comics. i hate spelling not right well the are going to stay that way because i am lazzy. also pinkeevee what happens when the comic series is over whos going to make more comics who who who tell me now.
yes first and this only took like what two days for the next comic to come out cool i love your comics yeah. :3