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Helo my name is brainlesseevee and I'm off on a big
journey of being the best Eevee pokemon

I love playing Halo so tank u for
asking (sighs)

Anyways my dream will be complete
and I know that I can do it.

Because I will make my comic name called $$$__-++()))/((
(Not ready to show u yet)

From later news I will be making a
Pokemon type comic
And there is nothing you can do to stop me
updates will be on Friday unless it doesn't
get update

These comic's have a dark dark dark
side of evil.
And a funny comic light side.
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yes first and this only took like what two days for the next comic to come out cool i love your comics yeah. :3
yes first and this only took like what two days for the next comic to come out cool i love your comics yeah. :3
Hey what about shiny armor
Hey wow your a fast artist i like your drawings cant what for the next one to come out. :3
I had had a weird day at school.
Wow mind blowing for u.
Het whoever plays Roblox my account name is game_tumber. So I hope we could play together also I love your comic's pinkeevee.
Guys guys guys why don't u read eeveelution squad wile u what for pinkeevees to make a new one.
Damn she is the Savage boyyyy. You guys should also read the comic called eeveelution squad. It is pretty good.
I hope u make more I was reading the whole webcomic I like your drawing. 😗😗😗
Yandere simulator I play that a lot.
Wow I'm first also he took a lot of damage
@Skylar101: LOL HA HA HA HA HA
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: sorry for being late but here is how u make your account first.
Click my name on your screen. then at the top right corner it says. log in or sign up click sign up after that make your account. then click continue after that go to your gmail if you dont have a gmail then tthis will not work. but if u do go to it look at your notifications click the one with smackjeevees then click varifie after that close your gmail go to smackjeevees click my name again go to log in the click continue and thats it hope we can be frindes. sorry for speling things wrong this was a lot to write. tank u and come again. :3
I need help how did u make you're webcomic because the codes are werid and confusing. Plz help 😫
@JT: I'm so sorry. +Gives kid a billion dollars+
Pinkeevee222 I really need to know how to make and design your web comic please tell me how because I am confused with all the codes and what not.