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@snow crystal: Hi Snow, thanks for the kind words. I was looking for a word that I could split into multiple meanings. Ersatzteile is German for "spare parts" which I found particularly fitting for my comic, and still sounded cool enough to a be a title for a person. Ersatz alone means copy or clone, which worked well for the mechanical creatures.
HI everyone, I thought you might be interested in this, seeing as I'm sure most of you don't watch my deviantart site. This is a collage of the $10 dragon commissions I've been working on the last couple weeks. If you want to see the bigger versions, visit
Thanks for those of you who are answering questions for me. I have issues with the interface in terms of answering comments on Smackjeeves so I've given up a little bit. I do answer questions galore on Deviantart though if you have any pressing ones. Thanks again for reading!
Missing pages
Hi everyone, I don't know how to fix this, so what you can do is read the pages on my deviantart page at:

Sorry for the inconvenience!
All will be explained!
I know you guys are going to instantly wonder how K'mlar's dad could have taken him away from the weyr when a dragonrider wouldn't have had kids except with another dragonrider. Well! They were childhood friends, and she had K'mlar at a very young age, only a year after she was searched. At that point, K'mlar's dad still had hopes of impressing a dragon himself so they could be together.
Time away
You're totally right. If you read on you'll see he goes right into lessons, but yes, the plot isn't airtight. I considered this a day or two away from training out of the grand scheme of a year.
Shoot! I usually count on my Deviantart watchers to catch these sorts of things. I'll keep that in mind in the future.
First flight
Is that the first time they fly? I wasn't under that impression, but if that's true, I'm deviating from the original. That seems illogical to me as she never would have exercised her wings, or learned how to fly for that matter. You'd think the laziest Bronze could catch her.
Sorry for the long wait everyone! I was at conventions. ^^
Do they really only have two toes? I haven't read that anywhere, but I could be wrong.
Flipped pages
I think a bunch of you noticed the flipped pages. I'm not sure how to fix this other than deleting all the!
To Spikeinator: This comic is based off a series of books by author Anne McCaffery. In the books, fire breathing dragons fight organisms that fall from the sky called thread. Thread eats through everything it touches except stone. Water and fire kill it.
Hi guys, I'm not sure if you'll read this, but I'm definately not calling myself any expert on Pern and I do make a few mistakes here and there. Usually I depend on the my Deviantart crew to catch my slip ups but apparently they aren't as expert as some of you guys. :)